Sako Tomohisa - Fukanzen Monoclogue (TV Size)

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Saturday, June 1, 2024 at 12:27:02 PM

Artist: Sako Tomohisa
Title: Fukanzen Monoclogue (TV Size)
Source: 抱かれたい男1位に脅されています。
Tags: DAKAICHI im I'm being harassed by the sexiest man of the year. Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu. Ichii ni anime op opening japanese rock pop j-rock jrock j-pop jpop male vocal vocals 少年T SyounenT SyōnenT SyonenT shounenT shōnent shonent Fukanten Monologue Monochrome 不完全モノローグ 不完全モノクロ utaite BL boys' love gay homosexual pride lgbtq+ Shonen Shōnen Shounen Ai Yaoi まふまふ mafumafu arronchu1207 Addy2607 KaedeharaKazuha Kyouren gokugohan12468 KittyAdventure Chompy -ascended- -_ascended_-
BPM: 134
Filesize: 16676kb
Play Time: 01:27
Difficulties Available:
  1. Chompy's Insane (4.21 stars, 261 notes)
  2. Chu's Expert (5.18 stars, 376 notes)
  3. Hard (3.61 stars, 218 notes)
  4. Kazuha's Extra (5.58 stars, 375 notes)
  5. Kyouren's Extreme (6.1 stars, 450 notes)
  6. Normal (2.57 stars, 165 notes)
  7. Special (6.43 stars, 433 notes)
Download: Sako Tomohisa - Fukanzen Monoclogue (TV Size)
Download: Sako Tomohisa - Fukanzen Monoclogue (TV Size) (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
◉ Normal by me
◉ Hard by me
◉ Insane by Chompy
◉ Expert by arronchu1207
◉ Extra by KaedeharaKazuha
◉ Extra by Kyouren
◉ Special by me
◉ Hitsounds by me

Background by もこぱん

Thank you Annabel and Astrolis for nominating!

oh brother

there was an attempt to jounzan
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