What do you consider "CTB Skill"?

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Uh, as stupid as this is going to sound, but I consider skill to be a person's perseverance and how much they want it.
It's definitely a great asset to consider when striving for more than what you originally set out with.
Not that I can do these but..
When you can FC really hard songs (0108, Big Black, etc)
HDHR on hard songs.
Skill in my books:

  1. Making that pixel/bunny jump that people just stare at and wonder wtf and how tf you did it
  2. That moment when you HDDT an insane and get +43, then redo it, FC again but get an extra 16k points in bananas and then get +30...Yea
  3. HRing an AR8/9, like what?! Are you even human?
  4. No modding, hands down, I bow before anyone who can no mod AR9+, teach me pls
True skill is being able to quit the game :D

PakaChan wrote:

True skill is being able to quit the game :D
I revoke my statement, this is hands down true skill, stepping away from the keyboard.
Basically stuff you see here can be considered "skill".
Actually, no modding anything below AR9 and 4+ stars is superb.

Just look at what a legend set is
Not really in a position to talk about it, I guess.
But I'd class "CtB Skill" as being able to play consistently at your individual level; whether it be Cup or Overdose.
I think skill is:

- Doing succesfully these long jumps
- getting S-SS in high AR/Difficulty maps
- Hidden mod (When I try to play with hidden even easy-normal maps, i got about C lol)
CTB skill is just "Reading" in my opinion. The more different kinds of patterns you can read and play without missing, the more skilled you are.
Shiroi Lelouch
Not failing a map.

iRevi wrote:

Not failing a map.
Thats a really start! xD
Razor Sharp
[CtB Skills]

A skilled player can manage the most intense and hardest patterns that can be found.
A skilled player can FC the most complex maps around.
A skilled player can play most mod (FL not included, due to memorization), mods like HD, HR, DT/NC, EZ (yes)
A skilled player can manage to almost max out the banana count for each map.
A skilled player does not need a high rank, but have FC on maps that few people can do.

There are still many more reasons, but ill let that stay to your opinion.
Meikyuuiri Tsumi
A player can't be skilled without some kind of previous experience. You can't just have skill and that's that. It has to come from something. Be the result of something. Be it doing long jumps without fail, SS-ing AR7 with FL, or just passing Insane's.

A) "He is skilled in CtB"
B) " He has experience in CtB"

I think those two sentences are one and the same thing.

Just my opinion though. I, for sure; am not skilled enough to give a proper answer.
For me personally, CTB skill is when you are a talented player with one of CTB Mods (or more) and you can make such things with these mods that most of other guys are not capable to do, or spinner monster or all of that together :)
And of course, just again in my opinion, your talents must be showed in #1 places!
Also, I honestly don't think that having 10000 SS and 100% accuracy will make you a skilled CTB player, accuracy doesn't count, at least if it's not on Insane diffs and crazy maps :lol: But that's again my thoughts
Only #1 places count or not the #1 place but with Mods which were not used by any other person on this diff, kinda extreme feeling
just being consistent
-Doing unique records.
-FC or high combo a hard map with some mod (that's no one did before) and hold it for long time. For example: neu FL or neu HR or any amazing DT records in hard maps (there are plenty records) .. (old TAG4 records ofc)
-For me I think , that any player with +10k replays watched is totally skilled (or was in someday), that's explain number of views. (or probably as Giorgos said many #1 . (Hold 1 now is much harder so, sure it is a skill!
-Be beast in some mod , or spin!
-FC old maps with strange patterns, and pass with complex mods , DT, HR , or HD as Guruk used to do for example is a skill.
-Accused by cheating..
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