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So a few months ago I made an Web-Osu Storyboard Viewer, but I eventually abandoned that. It's being passed on to a friend currently.

Now, using the same library I built, I have a Web-Osu Replay Viewer which runs using Three.js and WebGL.

Where can I check this out?

You can view it here (best viewed in the latest version of Chrome and with a strong graphics card):


So far I have a few replays up, which can be accessed by adding "?#" to the end of the url (eg. http://sc-wu.com/osu/OsuReplayViewer/?3).

The # currently goes from 0 to 7. ?6 and ?7 are Double Time replays for show.

What can this be used for?

  1. Attracting new players:
    When I introduced my friends to osu!, I wanted them to spectate me, but then they would have to download the game and songs first. This way, all the songs are stored on the web server, thus requiring no manual downloads or game installations.

  2. Replays -> Video:
    A common issue people have is wanting to export a replay to mp4, but they don't have a powerful enough computer to create a good replay. Because this uses the HTML5 canvas, it is possible to export each frame as a local image download. Playing the replay in real-time (following audio) might take a powerful computer, but rendering each frame will not.

  3. Playing Osu! in the web browser:
    I'm not too interested in this, since I believe osu! should be played with the downloaded game. However, I saw failedxyz who is also creating a project for Osu! in the web browser which will be playable.

Will this be abandoned again like my last project?

As a second-semester senior I'll start to have a lot more free time on my hands, so I hope this project will be completely finished and maintained. =)

Currently there are still many visual elements before it looks like an actual replay, but I am working on implementing them.
Nice concept!

I can see more use in this if you can get it to preview a map's skin/colour/sb/video. Currently one can get AR/CS/OD data from osu!tp, but there's no way to preview map settings in mp game. It'll be nice to have this knowledge so a player can decide whether to change the Visual Settings or not.

Good work, I hope you do more with the project and make it into a wonderful app!
That is beautiful, very creative, hnng.
Have you reverse engineered the osr file format and serialized it or are you generating the replays yourself?
Very nice concept you have here. I'd like to suggest to not capitalize the o in "osu!", though. :P

I'll be showing this to my friends when I don't have my computer handy.
yay <3. been waiting for someone to do this right for a long time. can't wait to integrate this with the osu! website. poke me if you need any help / want to bring it to a more official position when it's ready :).
Myke B
This is really awesome. I've been waiting for a beatmap preview type thing. Gl with your work!
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smoogipooo wrote:

Have you reverse engineered the osr file format and serialized it or are you generating the replays yourself?
Replays are parsed from the osr file. After I do a bit of UI stuff, I'll try accepting user replays and stuff.
Will we see this on tithub? :p
The skin it's using is missing the reverse arrow, by the way.
Love those sliderstyle effects
Calling peppy...
"sliderstyle 4 :) "
"Yeah... maybe tomorrow *goes back to sleep because he is tired of developing*"
"good night :lol: "
Is this project still active ?
I wish that peppy will someday create built-in osu web replay player. :D
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