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Problem Details:

ok so my ctb rank shows as my std rank when i press "online users" button

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

ok so this is me before i click F9 (online users button)

and this is me after i click F9

why this keeps happening? this bug has been in osu for years but why isnt it fixed yet?
osu! version: 20131216.26 (latest)
That...actually happened to me too when i checked.

Sometimes it happens to me too. Unfortunately I don't know what it is.
Weird² :?
- Marco -
Looks like if you select taiko mode it gives you taiko player in all
ctb players in ctb
and the list goes on....
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weird it is indeed and it should be fixed
It does always happen... It's either from the internet connection or bancho issues
*I'm hoping that this'll fixed too sooner
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