Lorna Shore - To the Hellfire [OsuMania]

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Domajnyk Pear
This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on pondělí 25. září 2023 at 14:42:03

Artist: Lorna Shore
Title: To the Hellfire
Tags: english vocal Will Ramos Adam De Micco Austin Archey Andrew O'Connor blackened technical melodic symphonic deathcore death metal dump speed sv dumpstream
BPM: 260
Filesize: 8004kb
Play Time: 06:02
Difficulties Available:
  1. Put me to rest - 4Key (5,91 stars, 7038 notes)
Download: Lorna Shore - To the Hellfire
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

Ranked Deathcore
1st - 2nd

31.97 MSD
I'm sorry


Furryswan | Maxim-Miau

Incredibly technical dumpy deathcore map
Hope y'all like this.. just trying something new

(European date)
05.07.2023 - Applied Aelsan's mod at the beginning regarding the LN

14.07.2023 - Applied Worthlessnut's mods (Problem with unsnapped notes)

06.08.2023 - Applied Syzus' mods (Overall consistency and mistakes in the map)

13.08.2023 - Minor pattern changes and buffs (to officially make it 6*)

31.08.2023 - Minor pattern changes and increased SV numbers, so they aren't as soft

01.09.2023 - Fixed mistakes in the LN part (SR increased oops), and hitsound issues

04.09.2023 - Decided to remove the handstream at the guitar solo (Decreasing the SR by 0.08*)

05.09.2023 - Started revamping the whole map thanks to Furryswan's mods

07.09.2023 - Revamped the rest of the map (Furryswan's mods done)

20.09.2023 - Applied Maxim's mods

24.09.2023 - Applied some more Maxim mods

26.09.2023 - Qualified :)

02.10.2023 - Ranked!!

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