What have you bought recently? (Otaku edition)

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i bought a rezero tablet cover, a ticket for a anime film festival and a Jibril boob mouse pad
Just bought this on new year's eve :)
Tsukasa Kitsune
I just got a few lucky bags from my local Japanese market! Now I just have to restrain myself from opening them until this weekend >.< wanna open them with friends
- Jade -
I ordered an Oso Nendoroid nearly a month ago and it finally came in! Needless to say, I was happy the moment I looked at the box. :cry:

The facial expression was a little frustrating to change because of his hair but I love it so much! Look at the oden and beer! :oops:
My aunt bought me this LUL
I recently purchased a DBZ pop! vinyl. I also bought all of Mayo Chiki as it was in the clearance section at my local Books a million! I am planning on purchasing a Kakyoin alternate color scheme figure, an Eli Ayase figure, and a Akari Akaza Nendoroid!
Just came back from Comiket, got myself a number of artbooks, bags and comics
My roomate wanted to ship a bunch of his stuff, so I had a few small items shipped over.

The Sister of the Woods with a Thousand Young Vol 1 (Gamers Limited Edition)
Root Letter (JP PS4)
& (Vita)
Akatsuki no Goei Dawn Escort Trinity (PS3)
Himawari no Kyoukai to nagai Natsuyasumi: Extra Vacation (PS3)
Kurosawa Ruby i-chawrap for iphone 7plus
Was only available at JP, so i had to ask my relatives in JP to buy and post them to UK :3
New shipment came today (might update with inventory list later)

But wait, something is missing from that picture. Something that I've been hyping for longer than I should have:

And for those that want to see the poster, it is NSFW, so no picture for you.
The stuff I got from watching the movie
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