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ERA Leon

We are back again guys, along with more scuff

Ommt is back for a freaking third edition, can you believe it!? Well neither can I, format is mostly the same as the last iterations, but still do take the time to read through this so you don't miss out on anything.

Join us to witness amazing matches and competition among our beloved Malaysian Mania players, not only their story but also the story of our new mascot, Maya, who goes through numerous hardships throughout her story

Registration Phase: 20th May - 11th June
Screening Phase: 11th - 24th June
Qualifiers Showcase: 24th June
Qualifiers: 1st - 2th July
Round of 32: 8st - 9nd July
Round of 16: 15th- 16th july
Quarter Finals: 23rd - 24th July
Semi Finals: 29rd - 30th July
Finals: 5th - 6th August
Grand Finals: 12th - 13th August

  1. Tournament stages:
    - Qualifiers - no winning condition
    - Round of 32 - Best of 9 (first to 5)
    - Round of 16 - Best of 9 (first to 5)
    - Quarter-finals - Best of 11 (first to 6)
    - Semi-finals - Best of 11 (first to 6)
    - Finals - Best of 13 (first to 7)
    - Grand Finals - Best of 13 (first to 7)
  2. This is a 1 versus 1 osu!mania 4 key tournament, and consisting of only Malaysian players with the Malaysian flag on their profile.
  3. Score V2 will be used on every match
  4. Double elimination will be used
  5. There will be a ban & protect system in this tournament, more will be explained in the Structure section of this forum post

Every staff and player must respect each other and follow the osu! community rules, no discussion about sensitive topics (example: religion, politics) and anything that could be offensive to others. This is a friendly 1v1 4k national tournament and not the place for such discussions. If a player breaks any of the osu! community rules, the player will be punished. Tournament staff have the right to punish players that show repeated and excessive toxic behavior toward any staff member, player, or spectator either in match multiplayer chatroom, the official discord server, or the official twitch channel chatroom.

Punishment for violating the osu! community rules include:
  1. Declaring the match as forfeited, or as a win by default for the other player.
  2. Disqualification from the entire tournament.

Qualifier Procedure
  1. The referee will notify the player 10-15 minutes before the lobby is scheduled to start. Once all the players are present or another 10 minutes has passed since the scheduled time, the lobby will start.
  2. Players will play the mappool in order from Stage 1-5 twice. After the first cycle, players will be given a 5 minute break before continuing with the 2nd cycle which follows the same procedure. Players are allowed to skip this break if all players present in the lobby agrees to start the 2nd run right away.
Match Procedure
  1. The referee will notify the player 10 minutes before the match is scheduled to start. Once the player is ready they must notify the referee and they will invite the player to the lobby.
  2. Protecting & Banning
    - The player will be required to roll for protecting and banning maps for a total of protecting 2 maps and banning 1 map. The player with the highest roll will be allowed to protect a map of their choice first, as well being able to ban first, this is a bit complicated so please don't hesitate to ask in the discord server if you do not understand this explaination
    - a player cannot protect 2 maps of the same type (ex: protecting 2 svs or 2 hybrid maps)
    - both players cannot ban maps of the same type (ex: player 1 bans ln1, thus player 2 cannot ban any remaining ln maps)
    If player 1 wins roll:
  3. Each player will receive one "tactical timeout" of two minutes per match, to be used as extra time to pick a beatmap or to rest. The tactical timeout may only be used by the player whose is picking the next map, the only exception being during tiebreaker scenarios where both players are given a two minute timeout regardless.
  4. Players cannot pick or use a provocative warmup to ensure that the livestream is family friendly to watch. Players are not required to have a warm up map to be played, but if they do they must send their warmups to the referee at least 5 minutes before the match begins, but the earlier the better.
  5. Duration of warm up maps must be under 4 minutes, but there is no star limit.
Additional Procedures
  1. Players can reschedule to a later qualifier lobby if they missed their scheduled lobby.
  2. In case of a situation where the player doesn't show on match time, the match will be delayed by 10 minutes. If the player still does not show up the winner of the match will automatically be the other player present. To avoid this please check schedules properly and do an emergency reschedule beforehand if needed but with a valid reason.
  3. If a disconnection happens within 30 seconds after the map starts, the referee has the option to abort and restart the map. Lag isn't a reason to restart the match.
  4. Visual mods such as HD, FL, FI and MR along with NF mod are allowed. Meanwhile EZ and HR mod are not allowed.
The Tournament staff will be responsible of scheduling all matches and informing players when they are scheduled to play. If a player is not happy or comfortable with the schedule they will have the option to request for a reschedule, details about this topic will be in the discord server.

We will do our best to schedule each match according to each player's preferred time to play.
  1. If no referee is available during match, the match shall be delayed.
  2. If no streamers are available to broadcast the match, the match will still happen without being broadcasted.
  3. If no commentators are available to commentate the match but streamers are available to broadcast the match, the match will still be broadcasted but without commentary.
  1. Please note that we will try our best to broadcast every match. If two matches happen at the same time we will prioritize:
    - the scheduled match over rescheduled matches.
    - the winner bracket match over the lower bracket match

To Be Announced at a later date

Host and Co-Host
ERA Leon | Gumi Fumo

EliraPendora | Hand Sanitiser | -Yubi- | Onlinee | rock-on | PorkIsGreat | akace100 | Auxesiaa | Minisora | ERA Xuste

Mappooling Team
Mappooling Leader:
ERA Leon

Mappool selectors:
MIkuaimbot | MyZterioN- | SunApple | Lerck |

Biosphere | ERA Hatsuki | FelixSpade | notapplicable | MyZterioN- | NovaSagittarii | [Crz]Crysarlene | doctormango | HowToPlayLN | _Kobii | Critical_Star | TheFunk |

Oofyxl | Toadette | Lerck | Unicow | Minisora | [MY]Sol

ERA Leon | Oofyxl | Unicow | Tosai_ | Toadette | Auxesiaa | Racers03 | Kibitz | PorkIsGreat | Bexi | PotassiumF

Kzon | Hand Sanitiser | konkawe | rock-on

rock-on | Hand Sanitiser | Kokoro Amamiya

Iyouka | TheFunk | yukina meng

Wiki editor

Do note that if you sign up as a refereeor tester/replayer you will NOT be able to participate as a player
To submit a formal complaint to the official Tournament Committee about Ommt3:
Maya cute!
I am holding back the urge to join a third tournament this week
Update: my parents are now encouraging me to
[MY] Ril
Any mania players here?
I played mania
singapore is close enough right
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