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OT will get nuked, albeit momentarily

ppv2 doesn't get implemented
neither will .osz2

Brian OA wrote:

OT will get nuked, albeit momentarily
that happened last year (2013 huehuehue) already on april fools
Like last year, a total of 2 billion ranked plays!
osu will reach 15k people online regularly
we will get more than 20k viewers on twitch during the next owc (or wherever it gets streamed)
miney will become global mod
I will become chat op in #dutch.
I will become chat op in #filipino.
Taiwan wins OWC.
A mapper will come out of nowhere and get a map ranked that will become most played for the entire year.
Reimu and Shizuru return to osu!
A very popular player will get banned for cheating.
CTB gets removed from the game.
I & KinomiCandy will advance at least to semifinals in osu! Skandinavian Tournament.
I will be presented in "Finland's best players 2013"-video, if one will be made.
I will reach 1000 SS ranks in standard.
I will get kicked out from the staff.
I will be in next OWC and I will have the worst total accucary compared to teammates.
peppy calls me a retard.
Loctav calls me a retard and says that Gone Home is the best game of all time.
Sinistro comes in this thread, calls me a retard and advices me to fix my teeth.
jjrocks comes in this thread, calls me a retard, advices me to fix my teeth, calls to Barack Obama and flies to moon with a rocket.
thelewa does everything peppy, Loctav, Sinistro and jjrocks does - at the same time.
Kitsunemimi spectates me at least 5 times.
I manage to play something that makes people wonder "is this possible with a mouse?".
Someone thinks I am a girl again.
I will pass Eighto on 490 style. (http://osu.ppy.sh/b/135370)
I will get a heart attack and go to hospital.
Hierophobic manages to FC insane difficulty.
TAG will get an official scoreboard.
Finland won't be in TWC.
Soarezi will be extremely polite for one day or longer.
I will get more than 50 viewers on Twitch.
One of my SBs will get ranked.
Most Played is removed from the forum Index, so is highest user rating
osu!academy is insanely successful and nets +1M views on YouTube
Next OWC sees me commentating in front of 20k people at least
I will, FINALLY, get 5 maps or more ranked in the same year
One of the devs will become inactive and will be replaced or an inactive dev will replace them
Korea wins next OWC, again
France underperforms and doesn't get past group stage next OWC (there's a pattern, trust me)
Massive overhaul in ranking process for Taiko due to its drastic decrease in material
modding system 2.0 will be out around march-ish
osu! as you know it will get a facelift and look more like a korean model than ever before
some cool shit will happen that will make everybody go "wow that's cool"
osu!tablet will sell out so quickly that peppy will be stuck handling logistics for the better part of a month while chitose briefly becomes the supreme overlord
i will become top 200 in pp
Battler will not get banned or have anything happen to him.
There will be a new master shitposter in OT.

Added Stuff: I'll get in a relationship.
My map will be graveyarded.
I will hit 500 in CtB.
I will enjoy SAO2 ggo ftw shinon is the best girl
dudes will remains weaboo for the whole year
I will add 50 new gifs to my userpage.

I will leave unannounced again.
i may get into the national top 25 of Taiko
Nardoxiribonucleic(that was his name?) will play less often
- - - - - will chat in #osu once
somebody will make something in OT in April fools day
Once again the april fools will be shit
I won't rank more than 5 maps this year
One more big update will make everyone mad
#portuguese will stay without active portuguese speaker moderators
#modhelp will be even more offtopic
vipto stops being butthurt
silmarilen is going to SS scarlet rose
I'm gonna meet more people from osu!
Priti will finally learn how to map/mod
Gezo will make useless predictions again
Blue Dragon will try to quit once again, leaving a depressing message on his userpage and will come back after some hours/days
Something that's not anime/japanese will be most played for a long time
More useless chat filters
Unknown people will turn into BATs
Zarerion won't be a BAT ( :( )
Hula will learn how to make proper jokes
osz2 isn't going to be released
More strict ranking criteria
Scarlet Rose will keep being the hardest map ever
Even if I happen to fail to quit once (or more), I will actually do it at some point of this year, and not come back for at least 5 months
A map from a new famous anime from this season will get most played, something like Guren no Yumiya and that stuff
I will find a job or some way to earn my own money
Someone FCs Big Black with HD
A new "impossible mapper" will come out of nowhere and become (in)famous instantly and people will try to copy their style
Another issue with copyright strikes osu!

Only that I guess
Ranking requirements for approval maps becomes drastically lowered until basically any TV size map can be approved with only one difficulty

8 person easy collab will become reality

I stop shitposting

I learn portuguese
osu!mania overtakes standard as the main mode.
thelewa gets himself banned

new anti-cheat system implemented
ppv2 comes out 3 months late
there will be one too many approved maps
major bancho crash results in many disgruntled players
the "no custom diff names" rule isn't enforced
i am going to be disappointed with my first osu april fools
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