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Being a first time mapper, I'm trying to learn all of the tricks to make my map well made and fun. I have noticed in certain maps such as 'Hatsune Miku - Rubik's Cube, 7x7x7' that towards the end of the song, the slider velocity increases. I have tried adding new timing points with different BPMs but I would like to know whether there was a way to substantially change the slider velocity whilst maintaining the same BPM.
Yes, there is. You put inherited points in like this

and you should see that there's a part called slider velocity multiplier.
The rest is self-explanatory.
You can put custom SV as you like.
Although I as a mapper don't really encourage you to do so as it's infuriating to have too much SV changes.
(SV=slider velocity)
Just adding on, if by "timing points" you mean the red uninherited timing points which you need to specify a value for BPM, do NOT use those. Your map will be unrankable if you change SV like this without a change in BPM or time signature.

Ranking Criteria wrote:

  1. Uninherited timing sections cannot be used to manipulate slider speeds. These can be very unexpected for the player while also disrupting the main menu pulse and slightly changing the overall timing of the map.
from http://osu.ppy.sh/wiki/Ranking_Criteria

There's nothing wrong with changing slider velocity as long as the song suggests it, however do still use it with caution nonetheless.

Ranking Criteria Guidelines wrote:

  1. A maximum of three slider velocities should be used (including 1x). For example, you could have a single map using 0.6x, 0.8x, and 1x; or 0.75x, 1x, and 1.5x; etc. If more than three slider velocities are used, then they should make sense and be intuitive. If slider velocity changes are able to be merged (e.g. close values like 0.8x and 0.7x) while still flowing/working correctly, then they should be.
  2. When including a slider velocity change, there should be a discernible change in the map's tempo. A spacing change, a short break in the map, or a slider containing at least one tick will help show the transition between them.
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