Various Artists - SPEED NONSTOP MIXxxxx

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on den 19 juni 2015 at 13:27:04

Artist: Various Artists
Source: Touhou
Tags: eurobeat
BPM: 165
Filesize: 66051kb
Play Time: 39:49
Difficulties Available:
  1. Collab Marathon (5,06 stars, 8942 notes)

Download: Various Artists - SPEED NONSTOP MIXxxxx
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Skandi Project Hype
HYPE! :3
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How to ungrave beatmap.
Update for fun so far

9k combo about halfway done woop woop
You just beat Within Temptation Marathon's max combo and the first map who transcended the max score.

Also don't forget to add the mappers' name to the tags.
Let's not get hyped just yet. We're still awaiting judgement from higher powers regarding this maps future. May Pepsi have mercy on our souls.
There would be no incentive to fix the problem if this map never gets to the point of actually being ready for ranking, so there's no reason not to focus on finishing and improving the map right now.

CXu wrote:

There would be no incentive to fix the problem if this map never gets to the point of actually being ready for ranking, so there's no reason not to focus on finishing and improving the map right now.
I get how you guys feel, many of you share the same opinion. This is how I see it though:

Work on something during the entire summer which might not get ranked since we don't even have an idea of what peppy is thinking about this yet, and this project relies solely on him changing the whole game for a map.


Wait for confirmation that he will fix this issue if we reach the point of being rankable (it's basically a bug, since we haven't broken any of the mapping rules. This is also an incentive to get it fixed) and continue working on my other projects for the time being. I'm personally not spending much time on my laptop as is because of work, so worst case would be to spend the summer working on a dead project.

We've put loads of time on this project, most of which was organizing lol, but regardless I have no reason to stop here. You guys would know that by now. I'm simply prioritizing my summer since I'll probably, just like you, have a big part in getting this rankworthy.
I'm just going off what Millhi told me anyway:
"2015-06-17 12:20 MillhioreF: if the map gets into bubbled or whatever then I'll make peppy look at it"

It'd be great to get confirmation now, but it's not a reason to leave the map in an incomplete state anyway. At least finish the last parts and hitsounds so it's a proper map instead of halting everything until we may or may not get a confirmation on the ranking things. If anything, we'd at least have a complete map.
Alright, but like I said I won't have much time to fix stuff and for example mod the entire thing. I have my own projects as well. I can hitsound my own parts but I'd appreciate it if someone else took the leader role and made sure people got stuff done. I won't have time to take charge of this project for the time being :)
I'm talking about getting the unfinished parts done and hitsounding. Also, didnt we agree to mod everyone elses part when we're done.
We did, it was my idea even. I'm just saying it won't be my main priority unless we have confirmation. I'd rather map on other projects whose rankability relies on me with the small time I have online. I promise I'll mod all your parts eventually, so don't hesitate to start polishing if you have the time.
My point is that it kinda does rely on you. As I said, if this map never gets to a tankable state, then whats the point of fixing the issue, since there most likely wont be another map with the same problem coming around ready for ranking anytime soon
Fine, how about this then

If those who haven't finishen their parts yet gets their parts mapped I'll hitsound my stuff and as people get to modding I'll mod it as well. However I won't be the guy who makes sure people do their stuff and hitsound all other parts simply because as mentioned, I work pretty much every day about 9-13 hours this summer, and you guys are as and some even more competent than me when it comes to ranking stuff. Meaning I don't have to be the one in control of the rest right? I hope you understand what I mean.
Unless you were at some point, i thought it wa xytox in charge of generally managing the project, while finding mods were a combined effort. Ofc what you said is what i mean. In general everyone is in charge of their own part + modding, and thats all. It spunded like you werent going to do anything unless we got a confirmation first, which would suck
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