I can't tell how well my rank is on a beatmap.

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I had a small question about ranking in this game, please redirect me if this is the wrong fourm ;)

After playing beatmaps, occasionally it will say my name by my rank, not how well I've done compared to other players (Ex: normally it would say #73 of #7823 but it just says #73 Galagrawr)

I'm not quite sure why it does that, maybe it's pointless, but i want to be sure what it means.

Again, redirect me if this is the wrong fourm.

Thanks! :3
Well... It's pretty obvious in a recent ranked map ( It will only show your "rank #__" instead of "Rank #__ of #____" )... Just wait about 2 weeks or 1 month and the Total player Ranks will shown up itself...
Maybe you got the worst score? That's why it doesn't say #73 of 73..
A wild guess.
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Ohh.. got it :D
Sometimes you can rank even worse than the seemingly lowest-ranked player. I noticed this when I first played a map and then my girlfriend played it. I got #x whereas my girlfriend got #y of #z - on the same map, same difficulty, and my rank was lower than the lowest rank the game showed to my girlfriend. All in all, I don't understand how it works.
I'm actually not sure what causes this either. I'm pretty sure it's not necessarily that you've got the worst/worse-than-worst score, because I get the same issue on this map despite having an SS (and I know that's not the lowest ranked score because I'm #22 on the country ranking).

I did notice it happens much more frequently on recently ranked maps, so I think it's at least partially related to a low number of ranked scores, though the map I linked has 50k plays, so I'm not sure what else plays into it.
It usually happens when you play a recently ranked map

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