solfa feat. Chata - Koi no Spirichu

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2023 m. kovo 22 d. at 20:38:50

Artist: solfa feat. Chata
Title: Koi no Spirichu
Source: 恋嵐スピリッチュ
Tags: eroge parasol Renran Spirichu iyuna visual novel vn galgame video game パラソル japanese opening op j-pop jpop pop
BPM: 138
Filesize: 19369kb
Play Time: 01:46
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (1,52 stars, 98 notes)
  2. Hard (2,89 stars, 193 notes)
  3. Insane (3,82 stars, 225 notes)
  4. Karada ga Karami au Jounetsu to Yokubou no Symphony (4,02 stars, 254 notes)
  5. Kaze ni Yureru Hanabira no you ni, Kimi ni Hikarete Iku (4,1 stars, 252 notes)
  6. Light Insane (3,57 stars, 201 notes)
  7. Normal (2,01 stars, 158 notes)
Download: solfa feat. Chata - Koi no Spirichu
Download: solfa feat. Chata - Koi no Spirichu (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Amidst Magic and heartache, Renran's tale of Love unfolds~

For quite a while I wanted to map a Chata song and I found this melancholy opening. I hope you'll enjoy her opening for Renran Spirichu visual novel, thank you! :)
At this point, every visual novel Mikuia draws for me is being associated with Princess Sugar... ;w; Even though the visual novel company is Parasol, the whole plot is very similar to Princess Sugar owo

- MochiA Nozhomi Huge thank you guys for helping me out with pushing this cute song to the ranked~

- Zerephiehell thank you for such an amazing edit on the background, you're amazing!!

- niat0004 for modding <3

- Riamuw For helping out as always with the cute backgrounds ww

- defreeyay For always providing high quality mp3 and video <3
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