Nekomata Master - Avalon no Oka [Taiko]

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Irone OSU
This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2023年6月2日 at 下午 07:48:47

Artist: Nekomata Master
Title: Avalon no Oka
Source: REFLEC BEAT groovin'!!
Tags: ph0eniixz phoeniixz phoenix Fynbi FiNNb iRedi folk rhythm video game instrumental excalibur REFLEC BEAT plus MUSIC PACK 63 Naoyuki Sato Maya Takamura Hill of mapping to pander: taiko m2p #4 m2p#4
BPM: 158
Filesize: 4507kb
Play Time: 01:52
Difficulties Available:
  1. Futsuu (2.18 stars, 245 notes)
  2. Fyn's Muzukashii (3.26 stars, 416 notes)
  3. iRedi's Oni (4.2 stars, 681 notes)
  4. Kantan (1.67 stars, 164 notes)
  5. Ph0eNiiXZ's Inner Oni (5.23 stars, 895 notes)
  6. Special Oni (5.51 stars, 922 notes)
Download: Nekomata Master - Avalon no Oka
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
this is how you pander
mp3 taken from PaRaDogi's std mapset

Mapping to Pander: Taiko #4 - Cynplytholowazy
2nd place

kantan - me
futsuu - me
muzu - fynbi
oni - iRedi
inner oni - Ph0eNiiXZ
special oni - me

special oni is the walozy diff

Jonarwhal | Cynply
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