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Okay so title says it all. I'm making a thread wanting to request from some of art-maker here to create me an avatar & banner for my osu!page. (I'm too lazy to post this in a request thread because i'm afraid i might get skipped or declined.) This is URGENT to me. So any of the GFX out there could help me out here. Here's the format for my request :

Banner :

Size : um i don't exactly know the size for this forum but i guess you guys know :/
Text : Izzato-kun
Renders : some kawaii anime girl you guys can find '-'
color : what blends with the render so that will be up to the creator.

Avatar :

Size : 128x128
Text : Izzato
Render : Still, anything that's cool, kawaii and anime related.
Color : same thing, what blends.

Thanks in advance to those who agree upon helping me creating the banner & avatar.

Oh btw, pls do it for free <3
You just have to be patient or remind them about your request and I guess you need to be clear about your request.
post in one of the existing queues. you'll get faster results.

also i'd try find a picture you want to use first before posting.
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