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Hi, first time requesting here :)

I didn't fully understand the rules. Anyway, played the 3 maps of round 18 :o


Kantan, Futsuu and Muzukashii diffs need mods :oops:
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@Alexa @mlien: Both in, and thus concludes all three slots of R18.

Now back to the standard crazy stuff. Closes at 3 entries or 96 hours (4 days) after first win.

tetsutaro wrote:

Round 20 Please check spreadsheet for links
【NO】メカデス。 / Mekadesu. 7★ Oni
【NO】リンダは今日も絶好調 / Linda wa Kyou mo Zekkouchou 8★ Oni
【NO】サタデー太鼓フィーバー / Saturday Taiko Fever 8★ Ura Oni
Total 良 > 999
Average Accuracy > 87%
Total Max Combo > 1111
Guess who's back after 3 months :< ok gonna help you if needed :)
Totoro le Pacha
So did I won or something ? I never understand this game x']
Narwhal Prime
So in the OneDrive there are four maps with "Linda" in the title... which map is it supposed to be?
Also, if I'm already on deck for a mod, can I play for another one and get my map modded by someone else :P
Standard mod request
thanks in advance!
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@Totoro: Yes. The thing is you play all the maps good enough = win.

@NP: I can't directly link to files of others' drive :( sorry
Anyway the file name lepi used is "Misumi Yuri - Rinda wa Kyou mo Zekkouchou.osz"
Also yes.

@Genocide: >:( *points at everything*
Uh... did I do it right? Here's the map if I did do it right: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/180068
btw, is it the Ura or the normal Oni for Rinda? The Oni seemed too easy, I swear the Mekadon was harder for me >.<

良 = 1189
Ave. Accuracy = 91.123%
Total Combo = 1185

i played better with hr for some reason in saturday taiko fever, but my acc plummeted because of that hehe

tetsutaro wrote:

Season 2!

Brought to you by tetsutaro. Guest modders: _Gezo_ (retired), CoroQuetz, (Frans) Niko-nyan, Priti (retired)
If you want to join, please PM tetsutaro

About Taiko Tension
The concept is simple: play Taiko and get mods for it! When you complete any of our set goals, post screenshots of your triumph and feel free to take a slot!

How to Join
1. Play the three Taiko maps to achieve the three set goals.
2. Post your screenshots with your map link.
3. Wait while tetsu (and co.) goes through your map.

Round Specs
Check out the detailed round spec and completed rounds in the spreadsheet! ↓↓↓
Click me for Spreadsheet!

Rounds closes 24 hours after the first accepted submission, where 2 more submission will be accepted.
You do not have to post your own map(s). You can totally post anyone's map if you feel like it.
The one and only limiting rule, for fairness: the poster must also be the player.
You can have others play for you, but they must post here themselves.

Concessionary Rates
If you have no ranked maps and it is your first time participating
You can use the Easy modifier on at most one of the maps, with the score adjusted back.

Ticket owners
If you have a ticket, feel free to just snatch a slot without playing! One use.
Tickets do not trigger 24-hour countdown.
How tickets are given:
(1) I can't mod this map in foreseeable future because crap happens
(2) Nice Try Compensation (1/2 ticket for at least trying a round but so close)

Modder's Profiles
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Can I trust this thread to keep running by itself without me declaring? Probably not.

tetsutaro wrote:

Round 21 Please check spreadsheet for links
【GM】Extreme MGG★★★ 5★ Oni (Not Ura)
【NO】LOVE戦!! / LOVE Ikusa!! 8★ Oni
【GM】大打音 / Oodain 9★ Oni (Not Ura)
Total 特良 > 500
Total 可 < 250
Total Max Combo > 666
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Q Y U sunken get back up :(
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