【Play for Places!】Taiko Tension Queue 2【Accepts all modes】

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Narwhal Prime
Hello! New to this queue. Here's my map: http://osu.ppy.sh/s/153622
(revision of my previous post, which I deleted)


Okay, so... I got the max score and max combo requirements easily, but being a clumsy Taiko player and all, I could not for the life of me get 1555 perfects total after several hours playing (RIDGE RACER was brutal ;_;). In fact, I had 1553 perfects (530 + 563 + 460, for Densha de, Ridge de, and RIDGE RACER respectively). So, I decided to play RIDGE RACER on EZ mod, and I finally got >1555 while still fulfilling the other goals!

Question: does it still count?

Screenshots (with RIDGE RACER on EZ mod): https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/1614650, http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/1614570, https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/1617671

Score: 641116 + 695160 + 363826 = 1700102 > 1555555
Total max combo: 532 + 416 + 366 = 1314 > 555
Total perfects: 530 + 563 + 495 = 1588 > 1555

RIDGE RACER without EZ mod; with this one I only have 1553: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/1616772
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You do better than me already :) But I think Ridge de GO would have been easier to grind that 2 perfects

24-hour count starts with NP's post!
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And only NP got a place~

Round 16 Please check spreadsheet for links
Songs: THE IDOLM@STER | Kill Me no Baby! | Bakemono Tsukiyo
Goals: All Full Combo | Max Error < 20ms | Total 良 > 499
Remember to take your screenshot with the Accuracy panel open!
Totoro le Pacha
Hi ! My mapset's music is from Touhou 10 Mountain of Faith ! So can you check them please ? Priority on the standard GDs please ! It would really help ! :D


I really like this music, and I really want it to be ranked, so please : (

Thanks in advance ! o/

Btw : http://puu.sh/8SS7H.jpg
http://puu.sh/8SSpO.jpg (stats won't appear, but I missed just a note. I think it's good ?)
And for the third one, the link for dl in the spreadsheet isn't good ! D:
Lost The Lights

Bakemono Tsukiyo - Kill Me no Baby! - THE IDOLM@STER


This is my map, i hope you can mod all the diffs.

Sakakibara Yui - Nyanderful! (TV Size)

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Whoops sorry late. 24 hours starts with Lost the Lights' post.

I can't be coming in and announcing every time. The rule is there and it will run despite I not announcing it. kthxbai

@Totoro: Feel free to try again or take half a ticket for your good try :)
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So I have to bump here to have peeps come in eh?

Round 17 Please check spreadsheet for links
Songs: Marche Militaire | Entrance of the Gladiators | The Stars and Stripes Forever
Goals: All Full Combo | Total Score > 1,350,000 | Total 可 < 7
wat why didn't u remove me from the team yet
maybe you want to add a round that is not shit insane if you want people to come and keep this queue alive?
https://osu.ppy.sh/s/175177 mod on oni requestu

thanck you
Topic Starter

Nwolf wrote:

maybe you want to add a round that is not shit insane if you want people to come and keep this queue alive?
Good point. But another trend is too easy rounds also deter people, because the good people don't come. Paradox arrrrrgh

How about this: I am putting three rounds out now, including a toned-down of Round 17.
All three rounds closes 96 hours (4 days) after each of their first successful entry.

tetsutaro wrote:

Round 17 Please check spreadsheet for links
【CL】軍隊行進曲 / Marche Militaire 7★ Oni
【CL】剣士の入場 / Entrance of the Gladiators 7★ Oni
【CL】星条旗よ永遠なれ / The Stars and Stripes Forever 7★ Oni
Goals: All Full Combo + Average Accuracy > 80% + Total 可 < 150

Round 18 Please check spreadsheet for links
【NO】D's Adventure Note 7★ Futsuu
【GM】Angel Halo 7★ Futsuu
【NO】幽玄ノ乱 / Yuugen no Ran 5★ Kantan
Goals: Total Score > 321,000 + Total 可 < 616 + Total 不可 < 99

Round 19 Please check spreadsheet for links
【NO】喫茶レイン / Kissa Rain 5★ Muzu
【AN】おしりかじり虫 / Oshiri Kajiri Mushi 3★ Oni
Goals: Average Accuracy > 75% + Total Max Combo > 300 + Total 良 > 450
@RenzMichael: 【Play for Places!】


da map: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/185613

thanks :3
Totoro le Pacha
I dunno what is this Japanese sign, but I S'ed all the map of the Round 19. Is that gud ?

It's good if I correctly understood ? Then can you mod my map this time ? /o/


Thanks a loooot ~
I guess no one tried Round 18 yet?

YES i got 92% in Angel Halo Futsuu

Total score: 1426680>321000
Total 可: 75<616
Total 不可:0<99

Map link here : Harada Hitomi, Kayano Ai & Ogura Yui - Maware! Setsugetsuka (Remix Ver.)

Topic Starter
Oops sorry for late replies.

@Nwolf, @Totoro, @cdh: All in!

Round 17 and 19 were closed on July 3 12:58 and 23:51 UTC, each with 1 winner
Round 18 still has 95 hours for more winners
hi~ well.. try to participate here.. again. My taiko skills increased since the last time I participate, but.. THESE MAPS OMG. too hard ._.
So, I tried. If it's not enough (I means my scores, accuracy or smth) I hope I will get at least the 2nd half of the ticket that you gave me xD

Infected Mushroom - Heavyweight
Thank you!~
Hi, first time requesting here :)

I didn't fully understand the rules. Anyway, played the 3 maps of round 18 :o


Kantan, Futsuu and Muzukashii diffs need mods :oops:
Topic Starter
@Alexa @mlien: Both in, and thus concludes all three slots of R18.

Now back to the standard crazy stuff. Closes at 3 entries or 96 hours (4 days) after first win.

tetsutaro wrote:

Round 20 Please check spreadsheet for links
【NO】メカデス。 / Mekadesu. 7★ Oni
【NO】リンダは今日も絶好調 / Linda wa Kyou mo Zekkouchou 8★ Oni
【NO】サタデー太鼓フィーバー / Saturday Taiko Fever 8★ Ura Oni
Total 良 > 999
Average Accuracy > 87%
Total Max Combo > 1111
Guess who's back after 3 months :< ok gonna help you if needed :)
Totoro le Pacha
So did I won or something ? I never understand this game x']
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