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tetsutaro wrote:

Brought to you by tetsutaro. Guest modders: _Gezo_ (retired), CoroQuetz, Frans Niko Niko-nyan[i]
If you want to join, please PM tetsutaro[/i][/centre]
Niko changed his name ^.^
Uhh, information for the thread
  1. Focus: Difficulty, Patterns, Logic.
  2. Ouenden: V
  3. Taiko: Minimal Knowledge
  4. CTB: V
  5. Mania: X
  6. Special Service: Insane Ouenden/CTB Guest Diff if I like the song.
  7. Language: English, Hebrew (עברית)

Granolabyss wrote:

tetsutaro wrote:

Brought to you by tetsutaro. Guest modders: _Gezo_ (retired), CoroQuetz, Frans Niko Niko-nyan[i]
If you want to join, please PM tetsutaro[/i][/centre]
Niko changed his name ^.^
no its my realy name ♥ don't change it or + -nyan only lol
Specs table done!
Map link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/125446

Round 8, [[NO]] Sotsu Omeshiki:

Decided to save my ticket and play instead. lol

Round 7~

looking for tetsu in particular~

良 > 678

btw yes I'm available to mod stuff again
Mkay done.

Let us remind everyone that although we make ask you to play Taiko, we do not just accept Taiko maps.
So for the next few rounds your map must have one of the non-Taiko modes as stated!
uh, just asking, but when will our (Nwolf and I) maps get modded? It's been 2 weeks :/
Yeah... *dissolving the lack of work across year-end*

It's my first time here. So i'm kinda unsure about this works. I'll try nevertheless.

Round 9
Song Title: Junko Ozawa - The Windmill Song (Authentic Oni)
Criteria: Accuracy >95%
Screenshot: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/1231817

And this is the map to be modded: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/140467 (Either by CoroQuetz or tetsutaro)

It's my first map for ranking >< Thank you very much for your help!
Hello tetsu! I d'like to use my ticket!


@Will: Welcome and done! Tag number 3 before I talk with Coro
@dialgadu: Also done! Tag number 4

v @Nashmun: Tag number 5
Hi there o/

Round 4 : https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/1234580
Here is my map : https://osu.ppy.sh/s/140698

Thanks in advance :)

My beatmap: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/57724
Already got modded by Testu :D

This time i need Frans please,English

Round -6

Is it good?
OK, passed on to Frans and tag number [Frans] 1
what is that about the round was supposed to be an NN challenge

not sure about that non-taiko restriction
@tetsu updated the sheet
Thanks Frans.

And @vahn: I am going to ticket you for that play while I swap for another challenge
And ticket record is now also on the spreadsheet~

tetsutaro wrote:

Season 2!

Brought to you by tetsutaro. Guest modders: _Gezo_ (retired), CoroQuetz, (Frans) Niko-nyan
If you want to join, please PM tetsutaro

About Taiko Tension
The concept is simple: play Taiko and get mods for it! When you complete any of our set goals, post screenshots of your triumph and feel free to take a slot!

How to Join
To join a round, post a reply with the following details:
  1. URL/number of map
(Not necessarily your own)
Which round you are participatingScreenshot(s) of result screen
Rule 1. The poster must also be the player.
Rule 2. The play should happen within two week of posting.

This is to prevent people stealing other's plays for their own.
You can have others play the song for you, but he/she should be the one posting here.

Round Specs
Check out the detailed round spec and completed rounds in the spreadsheet! ↓↓↓
Click me for Spreadsheet!

Ticket owners
If you have a ticket, feel free to just snatch a round without playing! One use.
The oldest round (smallest round number) without restrictions will be stashed for redemption.

Modder's Profiles
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