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Polish translation done!
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Kingkevin30 I love you and all the hard work everyone has done for the translation effort you guys are epic!
Spanish translation : 55 % done
Can I make a romanian translation ? /w\
We (me and AlexaBM) tried our best to give you Russian translation. Feel free to correct us if you can give a better translation. :)

ztrot wrote:

Kingkevin30 I love you and all the hard work everyone has done for the translation effort you guys are epic!
i feel really bad for not continuing to transcript for such a long while qwq, im gonna try to get back to adding more episodes to the Spreadsheet in the next days! and pls You're welcome to pressure me to be more active on it since im very bad at getting myself to move my ass xD

Edit: btw, since i noticed that a fitting text lenght for the youtube video Subtitles are sometimes overflowing out of the box borders i'd changed the settings to "Wrap" to get a better overview for the Translators. (and i'm transcripting Episode 2 now because i feel bad for doing nothing in the past months qwq)

Edit 2: the 2nd Episode of the Osu! Academy is now transcripted, the finished Translations on the other videos are locked for editing, and i fixed the percentage calculation.
It would be really cool if you guys could go over IRC commands, I think some people might want to know some of them.
That tutorial for beginners on Taiko. Saw it not too long ago when it got uploaded, even though I don't really need it as I already know how Taiko fully works and that thing I always hated, which is the pass/fail mark for Taiko, as I currently don't have a skin to just get the Taiko performance bar. I am afraid to even attempt to embarrass newcomer Taiko players or ones that just can't play Taiko maps properly. Anyways, i like your academy episodes, ztrot! Looking towards what other kinds of help you will be giving out, like for Catch the Beat, as I am not very good at it without the larger fruit size from the EZ mod. (I know I am bad at CtB, but rather amazing at Taiko/Mania.)

Sayuki Fujimi wrote:

great work ztrot!
LoL ur Signiture
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WHOOOOOO we hit over 1 million views for the academy

ztrot wrote:

WHOOOOOO we hit over 1 million views for the academy
We did it

Also ztrot you must create an episode about rules on osu,because I got so tired seeing CAPS like jesus crist,thanks once again

P.s. love your academy :3
ohh this is awesome
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Academy stuff will start to pick up again and something news as soon as I get my replacement pc, sorry folks!
looks great
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updating the look of academy once again and released a new showcase!
this thread also open for feedback/suggestion?
hi, ztrot are you pick random music background for video? IMO somehow one of video tutorial are less suited to background music
example it's like I am watching a movie action/horror and listen to the background music makes my heart beat faster haha (maybe you choose this music for showing that !report command is horror? lol).

just small suggestion, pick a calm instrument music, not too rock or high BPM, it's keep people enjoy and relax watching tutorial :D

anyway, thanks for making great tutorial!
Frozen Chicken
nice !
Can people join,and if how?
modifile in IRC login commands have sound voice in headphone can't talks English grammars.
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