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Mania maps have been ranked with soft hitsounds at 30% volume with no claps, whistles, or finishes. This low volume allows for generic beat sounds to play per object without getting in the way of the audio track. In osumania, many ranked sets have used this technique (with the support of the initial osumania developer, woc2006 as well as the other mania BATs bubbling and ranking the sets).

However, the current rules state that all difficulties in osu! must have some form of custom hitsounding to them. That is, it cannot be a consistent sound for all beats. This piece of the rules has created recent conflict in ranking mania sets.

The rule existed before osumania was included as a gamemode, so mania was never considered in its writing.
That's why we should modify that portion of the rules to make osumania an exception, as well as a new rule authorizing the use of a single hitsound at low volume (like we have been doing).

Like all ranking criteria threads this is open to support and debate. Please, please keep in mind that this is an osumania rule change and should be discussed as such.
Just gave the initial map in question a listen, and to me it feels empty in the context that it is in the osu! environment. It might be a biased opinion in this aspect, but every other mode has hitsounds that are distinctive and additive to the music. This feels like someone is just kind of shaking a bag of loose springs to the rhythm.

Has the osu!mania community not tried to push their own set of generic hitsounds to use that are fairly muted, but at least have some distinctions that can be used for this mode? Even changing from things like the soft-hitnormal and drum-hitnormal could be a sufficient change and bring more to the map.
Makes sense. Hard to really debate about it. Amend this and move on.

Mania maps are not supposed to have hitsounds or at least if they do have hitsounds those sounds should be fully keyed.
I support this. For the fact that Mania is currently the hardest mode, I don't see how having multiple hitsounds/keysounds would help when you're busy concentrating on hitting multiple notes precisely at one time. If so, this should be considered entirely optional and up to the mapper only.

The only exception I guess is when the song itself is too soft or it's "missing some notes", in which hitsounds/keysounds are then required. In this case, BMSes are good examples or even this one.
As we discussed before, 30% volume is the acceptable standard. Also full key sounds is welcome which may take much more pro effort.

This is shocking. I cannot agree with this. It goes against the core values I have with osu!. Please mark this invalid and nuke.

Contact me if any maps need to be unranked due to this.
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