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If they can't pay their preorder will obviously be invalid, but they are free to do so if they can accurately check the checkboxes, obviously.

Raging Bull wrote:

Ah well, the reason I ask is since peppy wants supporters only since they can actually pay versus someone who actually cannot pay, but has supporter gifted.
I never bought supporter, always been gifted but I am able to make payments(pp verified and such)
-Pink Panda-
If i have income, i can be a supporter of osu.. and buy that cool tablet and pen, but its only limited :o
Will I be able to buy the tablet using iDEAL?
how can i order this
Fuck it I'm ordering this. Even though I already have one, this is a nice one to have in addition for portability.
DJ Chihaya
wonder if I using other methods option to become supporter, will I become supporter at that time? or wait for a day / week / else.
I really want this, pls don't run out of stock... :(
what do you think that the shipping cost to Aus to Phil and when will this be available public???
Peppy. You should sign the pre-orders. That would just be so freakin' epic.

Blazeblack07 wrote:

what do you think that the shipping cost to Aus to Phil and when will this be available public???
Shipping isn't finalized yet, however you can probably use this as a reference (For now):
ànd there it is the 100th pre order
Peppy, you said that you had to sell out the bulk to consider black ones. But how big is the batch? Are the 500 pre-orders all of them (Hope Not) or are they just a portion of the batch which you've set off for pre-ordering?
DJ Chihaya
Need response!
if I going to be a supporter in day X using other methods (not paypal or else), will I become supporter in day X? or wait a day / more?
and if I become supporter, can I pre-order more than 1 tablet? pls need response! :D

MeowMeowKins wrote:

Will I be able to buy the tablet using iDEAL?
You can use iDEAL to get a paypal account.
-Pink Panda-

Meroetta100 wrote:

how can i order this
You need to become osu! supporter before you order the tablet :)
So as I can't see the payment methods without supporter tag, or i'm just blind. I'd like to know is it possible to pay through paypal and is there any possibility to get this delivered before January 6th, cause otherwise it may cause problems for me. I really wan't to test this out but I'm not going to be home regularly any time after that for the next half a year, but I'd still like to have this as soon as it would be possible. I would appreciate it if you could shed some light to this.


EDIT: In short, if this product comes available, is it announced in the thread? Do the pre-order meter has to fill up before you release them or what is the flag needed for you to release this product?
You can pay with PayPay, yes. I don't know about the other question.
If I physically draw on a tablet to play, would I be able to that with this tablet as well?
Maybe it's just a stupid question, but will it work if I'll get supporter like now, can I preorder too? Or only supporters from before the launch have this possibility?
It worked for me
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