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can't wait :D

LordDios wrote:

can't wait :D
This town is not big enough for both of us, sir.

fartownik wrote:

This town is not big enough for both of us, sir.
Omg it is that famous osu!player fwortanik, can you sign my osu!tablet as soon as I have it?
I have a tablet, but you know what... I'm going to buy this!
Where do I sign up for the newsletter related to release day? :3

Really... I can't miss this ♥
Nice, would really love to get one in Black and Pink :D
i love it i hope the price stays the same if not lower i would love a black one or maybe even the one in the video

and also maybe a pre order bonus maybe? ( signed by peppy ) or maybe somthing else i would mind paying extra
imma wait for an osu! mechanical keyboard i am thinking of Cherry MX pink switches XD
Super excited for this, is there a way to recieve an email notificaion when the tablets will be available to preorder or should we just keep an eye on the thread?
I am waiting~~ <3
Cool o/ gj ppy
Have you decide on the shipping price ? Because i really want this osu!tablet. 30USD convert to BND is somewhere 45-50 ( i'm not sure about this, exchange rate keeps changing time-to-time ). Good job though for inventing this osu!tablet.
Drivers? OS support?
I hope to make osu! detect and support it out-of-the-box with no drivers. TBA

It works as an absolute pointing device on Vista+ and OS X without drivers. It comes with a driver CD and the drivers allow for selecting tablet area etc. as you would expect.
I hope it will work on win xp as well :cry:

Super Vegito wrote:

imma wait for an osu! mechanical keyboard i am thinking of Cherry MX pink switches XD
A two-key keyboard.
After read this I just wanna say :
I WANT ONE! How can I get it???
I want it.
I don't know about the 15ms delay this seems to have. I mean yeah, this is not very much, but I'm afraid it might get notable when playing 270+ BPM jumps (and yes, there are enough maps and players in that range to justify this concering me)
Can anyone tell me how much delay a Wacom tablet has, as a comparison? If it's around the same, nvm me.
DJ Chihaya
when will osu! tablet available? and I have suggestion.

Online buying method just like Supporting osu! it can be done by using other methods other than PayPal
just as Game-*n or *AVE-POINT (in my country), it'll help osu! player that doesnt have PayPal and/or Master Card just like as me :(

will Appreciate ur response, thx before peppy! :)
Trash Boat
with which OS is compatible the tablet? i hope its compatible with XP, too
Great idea! can't wait to buy it! :)
is it even possible to rest your hand on this thing lol
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