Which anime scene leaves you crying?

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Yuuki Asuna

TheNekoNextDoor wrote:

I'm not sure if someone's said this before, but I cried at the final scene in Angel Beats. ;_;
- Yuuto -
Did someone say "Anohana beats after story per second no pet na kanojo" ?
Angel Beats wasn't that sad.

Haven't watched Clannad yet, played Kyou's arc on the VN and I know that if I see Tomoya choosing Nagisa instead of her it's going to make me really sad. And of course what happens in AS.

And the ending of Shiki. I didn't cry, because I couldn't because it left me feeling emotionally dead by the end, from seeing all my favourite characters die. So tragic...
anohana last scene everytime
It's pathetic how much scenes where people die/dissapear with very fulfilled faces get me to turn on the waterworks everytime....
I wonder why I want to cry everytime I see the ending of every Doraemon Movie (especially the Robot Planet and Kibo arc)... can't wait for the last 3D-Movie of Doraemon *feels intensifies*
but for anime that leaves me crying, probably some scenes in Clannad After Story (although I only shed tears, not crying a lot)...
The scene from Little Busters Refrain, where Kyosuke leaves Riki and Rin to their own, and when I saw Kyosuke cried, I just couldn't bear the pressure and tears just came out. :c
Anohana's ending left me crying for the next 2 hours.

Navizel wrote:

-Angel Beats ending ofc.
-AnoHana ending.
-Tasogare Otome x Amnesia ending. Somehow the same with Anohana after all
-Kotonoha no Niwa's ending
-Steins;Gate never ending dying of Shiina Mayuri gfdi
-everything about Tsumiki no Ie
I never really watched ano hana, but yeah... tasogare otome x amnesia made me cry like a baby
also, ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai, and sket dance

windowcurtin wrote:

anohana last scene everytime
so this

sakurasou's ending too.
all the QQ's.
Animes that made me cry that I remember are

Pokemon Buttefree release scene when I was a kid

Clannad you know where

Anohana 2-3 times throughout the anime. I should watch the movie at some point.

Inuyasha where inuyasha and kagome is in kagomes world and I don't quite remember what exactly happens there, but I remember it was in kagomes world, and inuyasha was there, and I cried a lot.

Wolf children tears of first sadness and then joy at the end.

Hell yesterday I fell tears in no game no life because of badass the siblings are.
Angel Beats when MC got stuck in a tunnel
Clannad. I'm blanking on some others I'm sure.

Otamegartist wrote:

windowcurtin wrote:

anohana last scene everytime
so this

sakurasou's ending too.
Same here
Angel Beats, Iwasawa's ep, when Otonashi's sister died, Yui's ep and the ending/graduation.
Angel Beats - Graduation ceremony / Otonashi's Story
Ano Hana - Ending
Clannad - many scenes
Fairy Tail - many scenes (Don't want to spoiler anything :p)
Sakurasou - Secondlast episode
Kamisama no inai Nichiyoubi - Ending
Guilty Crown - Hare Scene
Kyoukai no Kanata - Ending
Kokoro Connect
True Tears

Well that is about it what I remember... Yes I'm a emotional crybaby when I watch Anime :C
A lot... Angel beats, Toradora, Guilty Crown, SAO (Yui's scene, my God I'm crying again just thinking about it), Tasogare Otome X Amnesia, Zetsuen no tempest (was kinda balanced between hapinness & sadness tho) and way more :D
Anything clannad, angel feels, or really anything made by Key gets me in the feels
Pekoyama's Trail in DR2 even though the anime hasn't come out yet , i watched it in the trial , goddamn it was sad ;;
Ending of Death note , godd it was so twisted and sad
Ending of Magi season 2 , I won't spoil or say why ~~
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