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Syrus wrote:

Wow, this is very interesting, I never thought that a colour of a skin actually even mattered. Keep up the good work.
This is. wonderful. I have switched to planckian locus I prefer luminance what do you say...timing circles? the circles around the hit notes.....I prefer the luminance timing circles more than planckian locus since some maps have a very dark background and its hard to see the timing circles. But anyway. It's a good skin! :3
Great skin, i've been waiting for ones like this, no matter if its day or night, i always love night colors, they're much more enjoyable to look at (for me).
The skin is amazing and the amount of work put into it is clearly visible. :D

Uruoki wrote:

Luminance is currently on hold for "reasons".
Did you stopped working on your new project?
Garrus Brouker
Nice skin :) . I love it <3
rip this awesome skin

Syrus wrote:

Wow, this is very interesting, I never thought that a colour of a skin actually even mattered. Keep up the good work.
I really like the Florence skin. But in osu mania, the score number that pops up is very, very distracting as it's right in the middle of the board.
looks good

Wangaroo wrote:

looks good
why are the hitcircles the default one? looks completly different from the screenshots
Hello, I think this is the best skin for jumps, but with stack notes with hidden is very difficult see how much notes have, can fix it? :D
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I will no longer be updating this skin due to reasons. Right now I am uploading the skin to Mediafire as I feel it will not be taken down as it was with the skin database. After I update the mediafire links I will no longer be checking messages/pm or the thread. My original statement on free usage is still valid. Anyone is free to use the skin however they would like. They can download and release it with nothing changed and claim it as their own or use any elements they want for their own projects. Hopefully someone in the future will take this project and continue it. It was fun while it lasted and want to give many thanks for everyone that used it.
does anyone have the first luminance version ? (not plancian or flourescence)
WOW, your the next bill nye I think you should be a scientist (if you are, Keep up the good work) ;)
Bon appeteemo
Oh my god, man! Your skin is masterpiece!
hmm good skin ı love it <3
I see cursors and trails in the files. Is there a way to change the cursor and trail?
How do I download this... I download the zipped files, but can't use the skin after unzipping them...
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