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Problem details: im having 2 problems rn, recently i had to factory reset my pc for certain reasons, when i got osu again for some reason only when im in the map select area (and maybe some other areas but havent checked) my fps is averaging 50, but when im playing a map its 300-400, same with ping, 20-25 when not playing and like 4 when i am, which makes no sense

the other problem is that whenever i play a map and press on the notes, my clicks dont register, but when its a slider it doesnt register for the start but for the rest of it it does, also i tried going on auto play and seeing what happens and the same thing happening to me is happening to the sliders

watch my fps and ping whenever i start a game and leave it, and also look at the side thing that tells when me or the auto play is clicking

(since i just factory reset the video quality might be bad because settings and stuff)

btw i tested a few things to fix the second problem, but im willing to try again incase i missed anything, as for the first, i just watched a vid to try and fix but nothing really worked, just increased from 30 fps to 50 fps when not playing

edit: asked a friend for help and he told me how to fix it, just download the drivers from the website of whatever brand ur pc or laptop is and u should be fine

idk how to make this post resolved btw

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: Stable 20221104.2 (latest)
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