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Idk how to explain it properly ill try my best.
Somehow i woke up one day and went "lets play some osu" and i felt something was wrong didnt know what tho. After a little i noticed turning beatmap hitsounds on and off didnt change a single thing. Even stranger, its not like i cant turn the hitsounds off or on, its not even the hitsounds from the skin nor the map so i dont mf know whats going on. I didnt even touch any settings i just woke up one day and now i have to play like this. Also yes i tried changing the skin. Anyone know what tf im dealin with?

*for the people who are gonna say "just live with it": A lot of the maps i love playing have those dogshit hitsounds which i cant stand(theyre not loud theyre just annoying).*
Make sure you have "use skin's sound samples" and "ignore beatmap hitsounds" enabled in osu!'s settings if you are trying to guarantee your skin's hitsounds are being used.
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