[GD REQ] JVKE - Golden Hour (CLOSED)

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beatmapsets/1864469#osu/3834514 no longer looking for hard and normal!
if you cant finish in a week then no
hello o/

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[GD Request | all mode] nekodex - circles!
[GD REQUEST | taiko/catch/std] nekodex - circles!
[GD REQ | osu!mania] nekodex - circles! (Hard, Insane)
[Collab Req | std only] nekodex - circles! (FOR FUN ONLY)
[Collab Request | mania] nekodex - circles! (for ranked)
[HS Request] nekodex - circles!
[SB Request] nekodex - circles! (for ranked/loved)
[GD/HS Request | Taiko] nekodex - circles!
[Collab/GD REQ | std] nekodex - circles!
[Album] Starry Orange (DJ Genki)
[Discography] nekodex
[Beatmap Pack] all ranked 4k beatmap 2021

nekodex - circles!
nekodex - circles! (GD Request)
nekodex - circles! [Collab Req]
Anyone want to collab with me?
I need someone to HS my beatmap
(For Ranked) nekodex - circles!
GD Request | nekodex - circles!
(Collab REQ) nekodex - circles!
[osu!mania] nekodex - circles! (GD Req)

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Normal, will send tmrw c:
gonna drop since map is hella hard to map properly with 1/1 and 1/2 usage. hope you can find better gd mapper!
The Cosmic Chef
I'll take hard
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The Cosmic Chef wrote:

I'll take hard
i may or may not decline if i dont like your diff, if you want to know why you can hit me up
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