DECO*27 feat. topi - Light Lag

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I fixed all diffs (quite faithfully to their original map though) Please recheck!
Mod 4 Mod.


  1. All diffs should start at the same point, would not be a big deal to add some notes to Hard, or?

  2. Name of guest mappers should be in the difficulty names, I highly recommend to add them to be sure also because of the new name rule.


  1. 00:33:404 (1) - Triangle looks quite uneven, would probably be better to move this down a bit.
  2. 01:13:238 (1) - I don't like this rhyhtm at all. You should be more like following the heavy beat on the downbeat and not the vocals, so I'd just move it 1/2 back and shorten it. Also it really is a better choice considering that the vocal is also playing on the downbeat. Add a finish to the start if you do this.
  3. 01:16:071 (1) - I wouldn't use a finish here, the beat is far too weak to bear the enduring sound. Just remove it or add an additional whistle.
  4. 01:17:404 (3) - To design hitsounding more towards the guitar, you could try adding soft addition to start and repeat and add finishes.
  5. 01:18:738 (1) - Start should have a finish, the heavy part is restarting.
  6. 01:20:404 (3) - Meeeh, remove finish from the end, it is far too noisy and unfiting :c
  7. 01:28:071 (1) - Not too sure if this slowdown is okay, I'd rather say remove it, because the easiest diff should work without such things. You could try following the vocals instead.
  8. 01:50:737 (1) - End should have a whistle to give a better effect together with 3.
  9. 01:56:571 (2) - This circle on the red tick doesn't really make much sense, if you try to catch the vocals, then it doesn't work because you don't have enough focus on them with those two circles. I'd rather place this on the white tick earlier.
  10. 02:04:071 (5) - Add a whistle to the start for consistency?
  11. 02:06:738 (8) - New combo should start here for consistency through the difficulty and to make the combo a bit shorter, eight isn't that cool considering this is Easy.
  12. 02:13:238 - Don't feel like adding a note? It gives a much better feeling to start into the break by clicking something instead of having a Sliderend there. You could try a note at 02:12:071 - and then a 1/1 Slider from 02:12:571 - until 02:13:238 - .
  13. 02:27:904 (2) - Starting this on the red tick is totally against what you build up with Slider 1. This Slider should start on the downbeat with Normal sampleset to follow your pattern, following the vocal that start there doesn't really contribute to the rhyhtm.
  14. 02:29:404 (3,5) - Should both have Normal sampleset for consistency stuff and yea.
  15. 02:45:404 (1) - New combo should be removed for consistency through the difficulty.
  16. 02:48:071 (1) - End should have a whistle for consistency.
  17. 02:49:404 (2) - Finish on the end should be removed, it doesn't fit your hitsound rhyhtm.
  18. 02:56:070 (1) - Same as on 02:45:404 (1) -, don't see a reason to change combo pattern for this part.
  19. 03:01:404 (1) - Again, same thing.
  20. 03:02:737 (1) - Same as the other slow down Slider, also the end should have a finish.
  21. 03:14:738 (1) - You can hear the soft cymbals in the background, according to this, you should try a finish at the start.
  22. 03:25:238 (5) - Same thing as above, but cymbals are far louder here.


  1. 00:42:738 (1,2,3) - I'd redesign hitsounding here and make it more simple and effective. Just try normal sampleset on all of the starts and the Normal finish on the end and try if that works better for you.
  2. 01:13:238 (1) - This Slider with the finish should start on the downbeat, really, the red tick is too weak to bear the finish. Move the Slider to the downbeat, adjust it and see if you want to add a note to the red tick.
  3. 01:16:071 (1) - Better to get rid of the finish on the start, too noisy and doesn't fit your hitsound pattern.
  4. 01:18:738 (1) - Missing a finish on the start.
  5. 01:21:404 (1,3) - You could try to add finishes to those starts aswell, you can hear the enduring sound in the music.
  6. 01:24:738 (3) - On the end here aswell, if you follow above.
  7. 02:27:404 (4) - Add normal sampleset to Start and end to follow the beats, you can add a whistle per addition on the start.
  8. 02:28:738 (6) - Normal sampleset at the start, same thing about addition. Also normal sampleset would fit much better on the end than drum. Try it.
  9. 02:30:071 (2) - ^
  10. 02:40:071 (1,2,3,4) - To emphasize this really heavy part, try to add finishes to all of their starts, if you find them too many, you can try it only on 1 and 3 aswell.
  11. 02:45:404 (1) - Remove the drum addition from the end, sounds bad if the consistent whistles just end.
  12. 02:46:071 (2) - Same here, also remove the whistle from the start.
  13. 02:48:071 (1) - Missing whistle on the end.
  14. 02:48:738 (2,3) - You know my opinion.
  15. 02:50:071 (4) - Remove whistle for consistency.
  16. 02:54:738 (3) - Again.
  17. 02:55:404 (4) - Add normal sample to the whole Slider?
  18. 03:00:404 (4) - Missing whistle on the end.
  19. 03:02:738 (1) - Normal sample instead of Drum on the end would fit much better.
  20. 03:14:738 (1) - Soft finish on the start to catch the cymbals?
  21. 03:25:238 (7) - Same as above.

Okay, I'll leave Hard and Insane as I think fine of them plus I know they are old and from mappers which are not active anymore so yea.

The only thing I'd wish for is that you could maybe get some ideas for hitsounding from my mod and apply them on Hard and Insane.

Well yea, good luck, happy!
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Thanks for the mod!
I'm not going to change the diffnames though, this is Apriy's map not mine. It's not her guestdiff. I got her permission to upload it though.
I added most suggestions but not all, please pm me ingame to discuss.
Baaaaah. Sorry, ben een beetje laat. :(

  1. Would really love it if you could put some hitsounds on the kicks. Drum with whistle sounds great, imo. if they're even kicks i dont know music

  1. 00:21:404 (1) - Drum whistle on reverse
  2. 00:42:738 (1) - Normal on reverse & Soft whistle on end
  3. 00:54:738 (1) - Drum whistle on end
  4. 01:28:071 (1) - I think the slider speed change is rather extreme here.

  1. 01:28:071 (1) - Same as in the easy, the slider speed change here seems rather extreme.
  2. Leer mij eens easy en normals mappen >:

  1. 00:31:238 (4) - Old slider algorithm, but can you please blanket this around (5) using the new one? And copy paste it at (3), since it's a copied version of (4)
  2. 00:55:238 (2) - Doesn't really make sense to start under (1)'s end, since you didn't use it afterwards
  3. 01:13:904 (6) - Can this blanket around (5)?
  4. 01:43:238 (3) - aaaaand can this blanket around (2)?

  1. 00:27:904 (2,3) - Drum whistle
  2. 00:33:321 (5) - Drum whistle
  3. 00:35:738 (2) - Drum whistle
  4. 00:38:654 (3) - Drum whistle & on (2)'s end
  5. 00:41:238 (2) - Drum whistle
  6. 00:58:321 (3,4) - Drum whistle
    etc & etc & etc...
  7. Such beauty... q-q

Hitsounds zijn niet slecht hoor, maar die drum whistles vind ik zelf wel een leuk idee. Map is ook weer zeer boven niveau. D:
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thanks! Applied most hitsound suggestions. I didn't change the curves in Hard, since these sliders are intended semi-bezier curves.

01:14:238 (2) - It's fine to leave it here but I would like to see if you feel ok this way.
Actually the slider on 01:14:738 (3) - works on following vocal greatly but I feel it's kinda vague to be hit (mainly from listening to it).
Making the end of the slider sound for it instead could help maintain the play-ability wise to me.

If possible, HP and OD both 4 could be spread better.
I also suggest the Hard diff to do so when the Easy both HP and OD 2, Normal both HP and OD 4 and Hard both HP and OD 6 look better.
03:14:738 (1) - This rhythm might play better because you will hear a sound on 03:15:404 (2) - that matching with 03:16:071 (3,4) -
and also I find this placement really great. Currently having a pure circle on such point is a bit hard to guess to hit for the first time

Diff spread could not be well enough if its setting still as is. I guess you can raise both HP and OD to 6 apart from the Normal diff.
02:31:071 (7,8) - I would ctrl+h this way. Hovering directly from 02:31:071 (7) - to the slider for such side plays really much comfortable.
02:35:738 (2) - It would be nice if you could shorten this slider to 02:35:904 (red tick 1/4 before the current one) It's strange having such 1/4 silence on the tail for the Hard diff at this point.
03:04:071 (1) - soft finish here could work pretty much. Considering 01:29:404 (1) - even sounds lighter.
I love this with the old slider style!

01:26:071 (3,4) - This suddenly appears with a bit awkward 3/4 extended slider.
I always thought it followed drum mainly so I expected to hit triplet like I am going to do on 01:26:571 (5,6,1) -
(clearly music does sound for this, for example, 02:34:071 (3,4,5) - )
Let me just say that it would be nice if you chose to use triplet this way from this screenshot.
I love this Insane so much :) No wonder why you chose this diff for your Insane

Call me back

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Thanks!! :D

Congratz Happy30 :3

From the land of Lesjuh, Kyshiro and GladiOol (:
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dutchland best land. thanks :)
gratz~ :P
Gratzz!! Sharp, Apriy, and Happy30!!^^
grats (:
Osu! needs more maps like this

Congratz Apriy & happy >///<
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