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Welcome to the ChristmasQueue 2013!
a seasonal modding queue for maps related to Christmas, Winter or New Year

Since we're heading towards the holiday season, once again the BAT decided to open this queue in order to motivate you mappers to spread the Christmas spirit with your very own map! We have prepared a little team of skilled and motivated modders that will help you get your Christmas map ranked in time. Nevertheless we really appreciate if you could help out by helping other fellow mappers with their maps. Everyone is welcome to mod!

We plan to start ranking maps around mid of December, so don't worry your map might be ranked too early.


  1. the map is related to Christmas, Winter or New Year
  2. the request is made before Christmas (the queue will be closed then)
  3. You are using a Christmas avatar! (we do too!)

If you have problems finding something on your own, you can put the template hat below on your avatar

Modding Team

As you can see, we are especially short on modders for Taiko, CtB and osu!mania.
  1. aabc271 (Taiko)
  2. alacat
  3. Andrea
  4. blissfulyoshi
  5. Chewin
  6. Dangaard
  7. Deif (CtB)
  8. dkun
  9. Gabe
  10. happy30
  11. Irreversible
  12. jericho2442
  13. jonathanlfj
  14. kanpakyin (Taiko)
  15. -kevincela-
  16. Kurai (CtB)
  17. Leader
  18. Loctav (osu!mania & Taiko)
  19. mancuso_JM_ (standard & Taiko & osu!mania)
  20. NoHitter
  21. Nymph
  22. Nyquill
  23. OnosakiHito (Taiko)
  24. p3n
  25. popner
  26. Roxas (osu!mania)
  27. Scorpiour
  28. UnitedWeSin
  29. ZHSteven (CtB)
  30. Ayu
  31. BeatofIke
  32. BounceBabe
  33. DakeDekaane
  34. _Gezo_ (Taiko)
  35. Itachi_Uchiha
  36. Konei
  37. Kyshiro
  38. Mystyk
  39. Natsu
  40. Stefan
  41. YunoFanatic (osu!mania)
Information for Modders
You don't have to mod a certain amount of maps, just go with your pace. You also don't really have restricitions on the maps you pick to mod. Just check the thread (or the map history section) and find a map that still needs some help!

Map List


  1. Yamboo - Feelings (Nightcore Mix)
  2. u's - Snow halation
  3. enameru-P - SilentNight
  4. Makkon - Winterglade (Itachi_Uchiha)
  5. u's - Snow halation (blissfulyoshi)
  6. Alphabeat - X-Mas (Let's Do It Again) (Kyshiro)
  7. Taylor Swift - Last Christmas) (Ayu)
  8. Momoiro Clover Z - Santa-san (- N a n a k a -)
  9. sasakure.UK x DECO*27 - Snow Song Show (rui)
  10. Hiro - Carol Megamix (LunarSakuya)
  11. Naomile - LAST CHRISTMAS (Lust)
  12. Noto Mamiko x Gotou Mai - Jingle Bell (Sekai-nyan)
  13. yozuca*, Rino, et al - Santa Claus ni Yoyaku Shite! (Natsu)
  14. DINY - Snowfield (kazumikos)
  15. Cascada - Last Christmas (Konei)
  16. Hilary Duff - Santa Claus Lane (Zero__wind)
  17. Maisaki Nami - Rokka no Uta English ver. (-Gamu-)
  18. Heo Kyoung Young (feat. Kim Da Eun) - Jingle Bell (Sonnyc)
  19. THE iDOLM@STER - Santa Claus Hadoko No Hito (yanlu)
  20. Touyama Nao - Koi ni Ochita Santa (DJPop)
  21. Basshunter - I Miss You (Radio Edit) (Gero)
  22. Michael Arellano - Christmas in Ponyville(Snowed-In Mix) (VinylDash14)
  23. Weezer - We Wish you a Merry Christmas! (Nightcore Mix) (iNickel)


  1. Tomita Tomoya - Frosty Wheel (Moway)
  2. Uehara Rena - Todokanai Koi (kors k Hardcore Mix) (NewRulerNA)
  3. Taylor Swift - Last Christmas (Wolf)
  4. Uehara Rena - Sayonara no Koto (TV Size) (Azer)


  1. Drake Bell - Jingle Bells (mancuso_JM_) (WIP)
  2. nao.paradigm - Jingle Bell Mega Mix (Niko-nyan)
  3. Hatsune Miku - We Wish You A Merry Christmas (-Kirito)
  4. Yancy - Christmas Medley (BouneBabe) (WIP)
  5. sasakure.UK x DECO*27 - Snow Song Show (captin1)
  6. SoundTeMP - Dancing Christmas in the 13th Month (OnosakiHito) (WIP, Taiko Diffs)
  7. Audrey Hannah - It's December (And I'll Be Missing You) (Dark_Ai)
  8. Homareda Miyuki - Winter Theme(Backstep) (WIP, Timing help!!)
  9. IU & Kim Yuna - Ice Flower (Norman)
  10. BoA - Winter Love (Hinsvar)
  11. Archie - Christmas In Equestria (Avicii Style) (Mercusheigan)
  12. Mitani Nana - Christmas Chuushi no Oshirase (No_Gu)
  13. Soraru , Lon - Haito atorisuata nite (leon1341414)
  14. Michael Buble - It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (DJ Yashiro) (major WIP)
  15. ChuuToroP - Christmas Eve Eradication Superiority Endorsement Group (Broccoly)
  16. Kawada Mami - melty snow (Short Ver.) (ykcarrot)
  17. Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You (YunoFanatic) (WIP)
  18. Harry - Snow Day and Love Song (Tsumetaku)
  19. Relient K - We Wish You a Merry Chrismas (Natteke)
  20. ave;new feat. Sakura Saori - snow again (CoroQuetz) (TAIKO ONLY)
  21. Hatsune Miku - Merry-Merry- (bigfrog)
  22. Jervy Hou & Bri Heart - This Christmas (lundacris) (late map submission, probably needs much work)
  23. Utada Hikaru - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI (Xakyrie)


You can put these banners into your signature.




Please keep in mind that even with enough modders the success of your map highly depends on your cooperation. So don't wait until the last moment and get started now!
Good luck and hard work just like the past year!
My almost 1 year old Christmas map
Christmas map:

GL with the project :3
yay Christmas queue again \:D/
For winter map:

Thank you! :)
I really needs timing help here to start to map as soon as possible (you know, today is 24th so I have less than a month to map and find modders).
So, if you guys can help me with that it'll be really appreciated!
This Plus This first ;)

Good luck everyone :3
Mania maaaaaaps for christmasu~

goodluck to all :D

doge is ready
yay another xmas queue >w<

My map for christmas too

Thank you :3
Just a tiny map here, I think this will work :3

Thanks everyone!
Xmas Queue Yay

Here my map n.n

Thanks a lot guys!

GL with this project >w<

jericho2442 wrote:

This Plus This first ;)
plz p/2704154

Natsu wrote:

jericho2442 wrote:

This Plus This first ;)
LOL Ninja :v! check my avatar lol!

plz p/2704156/
Good luck everyone! Looking forward to playing some good Christmas maps! :)

BeatofIke wrote:

Good luck everyone! Looking forward to playing some good Christmas maps! :)
Uehara Rena - Todokanai Koi (kors k Hardcore Mix)
this song from WHITE ALBUM2 and it is a game with a theme of christmas (and winter).

thank you
I wish snow could appear in my country.

Good luck to all mappers :)

HabiHolic wrote:

Did you even check the first post? This queue is for Christmas or Winter related maps only.
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