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Artist - Title: juggernaut. - distorted heavens
Map Link: beatmapsets/1914648#mania/3949985
Length: 2:44
Diff(s): nhix (h not finished yet)
Description: full rice set for ranked, custom mapped for combro cup qualifiers

my favorite artist is djkurara
Artist - Title: Team Grimoire - Rrhar'il
Map link: beatmapsets/1914946#mania/3950594
Length: 2:11
Diff(s): Chronnection (WIP)
Description: Phigros Chapter 7 boss song

please and thanks
Hi o/

Artist - Title: Various Artists - Sword Art Online Compilation
Map Link: beatmapsets/1859600#mania/3822639
Length: 12:41
Diff(s): Marathon Start!
Description: Mapping is finished, WIP for HS. Collab map for rank, you can just mod any part u like.

Thanks :)

Artist - Title: Stencils - Pixel Blending
Map Link:
Length: 2:52
Diff(s): Any diff you'd like (if you don't want to mod the higher diffs it's fine too)
Description: Jacks, jacks and jacks (no hitsounds rn)

Thank you!

Dunno 💀

Artist - Title: Chime & The Wind Elementals Constellate
Map Link: beatmapsets/1879520#mania/3872693
Length: 4:13
Diff(s): Through Time and Space
Description: Map with a lot of different styles and patterns, hope you like it : )

Artist - Title: The Killers - Mr. Brightside
Map Link: beatmapsets/1908892
Length: 3:33
Diff(s): Constellation
Description: vocal dump, any feedback is welcomed ^^ (don't really have a fav artist rn)
henlo again

Artist - Title: Zekk - Duplication
Map Link: beatmapsets/1801197
Length: 2:21
Diff(s): Insane and Hard
Description: hybrid, tech, streams

aiobahn based tho
Artist - Title:結束バンド-ギターと孤独と蒼い惑星
Map Link:
Diff(s):[4K] Rock and well
Description:This diff is completed but the other diff is wip

NM request

Artist - Title: NIWASHI - Sapphire On Fire
Map Link: beatmapsets/1775437#mania/3635592
Length: 2:08
Diff(s): Funky
Description: Minijack heavy techy map

Ignore the lower diff please
Artist - Title: The Tender Box - Spectacular Spider-Man Theme (TV Size)
Map Link: beatmapsets/1915743#mania/3952360
Length: 0:55
Diff(s): There are three difficulties, but I prefer you to modify the most difficult one.
Description: ln's for vocals and normal notes for instrumentals. the map is of the rock genre, but not too loud.

thank you!
NM here
Artist - Title:Kito Akari - Tiny Light (Cut Ver.)
Map Link: beatmapsets/1883953
Length: 2:02
Description:anime song.

Artist - Title: Lunatic Sounds - SnowFlake
Map Link: beatmapsets/1887868#mania/3887723
Length: 1:49
Diff(s): Special & Fragile
Description: Very technical on both diffs with top diff being dump

I have a ton of artists I really like. But my all-time fav has to be CloudNone 🥰
Topic Starter
Closing this early since there are a lot of maps and it's been 4 days since last submission. Sorry for not getting to everyone's map quickly, been busy during break. Trying to get to all of them! Thanks for submitting :D See y'all next round.
imagine closing beatmapsets/1900723
Topic Starter
kills the two posts above me

Queue is open!! Changed some stuff on the queue info so check them out :D Good luck with your maps!!
Artist - Title: t+pazolite - You are the Miserable (Laur Remix)
Map Link: beatmapsets/1922598#mania/3968778
Length: 4:51
Diff(s) that you want modded: Lamentable Experiment
Description: killer fish from san diego

this is an sv experiment. I tried to go for a unique approach to the song, as to make the SV, instead of usually emphasizing specific instrument/intensity, I want it to represent other sounds occasionally as well. patternings are primarily hybrid, but it switches out quite a bit.

no need to mod SV here, SV will be checked by komi. I want you to mod just the notes themselves, but do take notes I simplify quite a lot on patterns to keep the intention clear.

If labeled WIP, clarify if the chart is fully done here: Yes

Artist - Title: Hoshimachi Suisei - Starry Jet
Map Link: beatmapsets/1795227
Length: 4:00
Diff(s) that you want modded: any diff u want
Description: rice map
If labeled WIP, clarify if the chart is fully done here: hmmmmmmmmmmmmm map pending but still short of one diff hmmmmmmmm

favorite artist huh? i don't usually stick to one artist but if i have to say something, it would be honeyworks or pmarusama

:googlecat: thanks!
Hi bro

Artist - Title: Nor - Usagi Flap
Map Link: beatmapsets/1927924#mania/3981426
Length: 1:42
Diff(s) that you want modded: Any you want
Description: This is Jack map with a simple concept and low BPM.
The song was really fun, so I tried to make it exciting.
If labeled WIP, clarify if the chart is fully done here: Yes

Thank you
Artist - Title: DECO*27 - First storm
map link: beatmapsets/1930716#mania/3988424
Length: 3:47
Diff(s) that you want modded: Unwavering Faith
Description: Chinese vocaloid song
If labeled WIP, clarify if the chart is fully done here: No, planning on more diffs

Artist - Title: Wolpis Kater - Oxalis
Map Link: beatmapsets/1926740#mania/3978559
Length: 4:54
Diff(s) that you want modded: Ony has one diff, Oxalidaceae
Description: Chordjack map focused on vocals
If labeled WIP, clarify if the chart is fully done here: Yes

I don't know who's my favorite artist, sorry
Thank you!
Artist - Le Perche Oreille / Title: Debut
Map Link: beatmapsets/1803567#mania/3698349
Length: 1:45
Diff(s) that you want modded: Beginning of the end, though I'd prefer both difficulties
Description: Easy technical chart filled of bursts
If labeled WIP, clarify if the chart is fully done here: Yes

death grips
Artist - Title:結束バンド-忘れてやらない
Map Link: beatmapsets/1911925#mania/3943871
Diff(s) that you want modded: Never Forget
Description: rice with little LNs, need some pattern mods
If labeled WIP, clarify if the chart is fully done here: Yes

Thanks in advance owo
Artist - Title: Mestre3224 - Caramelo da desgraca
Map Link: beatmapsets/1926366#mania/3977760
Length: 1:01
Diff(s) that you want modded: Whatever diffs you feel like modding
Description: Technical (?) breakcore chart containing trills, jacks and streams in the top diff
If labeled WIP, clarify if the chart is fully done here: [Yes/No]

Would appreciate if you let me know in case you deny this request, thank you very much

Artist - Title: Laur - Vindication (Extended)
Map Link: beatmapsets/1848268#mania/3856504
Length: 3:55
Diff(s) that you want modded: any
Description: instrumental - electronic
If labeled WIP, clarify if the chart is fully done here: Yes

I like all genres of music and I don't have a favorite artist)
Artist - Title: owl * tree feat. chi*tree - Valsqotch
Map Link: beatmapsets/1931619#mania/3990484
Length: 2:30
Diff(s) that you want modded: Master
Description: Make 7K map for the first time> :)
If labeled WIP, clarify if the chart is fully done here: Yes
Artist - Title: Lady Gaga - Born This Way
Map Link: beatmapsets/1928205#mania/3982008
Length: 4:03
Diff(s) that you want modded: for ranked maybe
Description: vocal chordjack heavily based on visual flow with layering completely based on vocal intensity, light vocal dump scattered around the map as filler. the vocal dump past 60% probably needs a bit of work and some mods cause i got lazy
If labeled WIP, clarify if the chart is fully done here: Yes

Artist - Title: J*Deez + Pikachu VA - Peace Smile
Map Link: beatmapsets/1927537
Length: 1:20~
Diff(s) that you want modded: all but mainly top diff

Description: This is the second ending for Pokemon XY so its a bit childish in vocals, otherwise this is filled with a lot of ln (except GD lol).

If labeled WIP, clarify if the chart is fully done here: [Yes/No] all the charts are done
Artist - Title: leo/need - asu no yozora shoukaihan
Map Link: asu no yozora shoukaihan
Length: 2:56
Diff(s) that you want modded: mostly master, although mods on the rest would also be appreciated <3
Description: hard is mostly rice, expert and master are more hybrid
thank you in advance :)
Artist - Title: siromaru + cranky - conflict
Map Link: beatmapsets/1916285
Length: 2:27
Diff(s) that you want modded: Hard and Insane
Description: There's some issues on Hard and Insane(mostly gap issue),i wanna see your ideas!!!
If labeled WIP, clarify if the chart is fully done here:Yes,i put WIP cuz Hitsound is unfinished
Artist - Title: Camellia - CICADA3302
Map Link: beatmapsets/1890147#mania/3893839
Length: 7:14
Diff(s) that you want modded: Alternate Reality
Description: Technical Hybrid map, more to the LNs though. Since you don't prefer long maps, you don't have to mod all of it.
YuEast 2018
Artist - Title: Ling Yuan yousa - Shen De Sui Bo Zhu Liu
Map Link: beatmapsets/1897970#mania/3911826
Length: 4:09
Diff(s) that you want modded: Insourance
Description: a vocal dump one
If labeled WIP, clarify if the chart is fully done here: there might be a GD im not so sure.

Topic Starter
Queue is open again! Will stay open until weekend. Good luck everyone :)
Hi I wanna NM

Artist - Title:Itzy -Snowy
Map Link: beatmapsets/1916424#mania/3954288
Diff(s) that you want modded:nm hs would be better
Description:Vocal on map
If labeled WIP, clarify if the chart is fully done here: Yes

Thank u
Artist - Title: Asumi Kana & Fujita Saki & Kitamura Eri - SOMEONE ELSE
Map Link: beatmapsets/1936466#mania/4002526
Length: 4:31
Diff(s) that you want modded: Any
Description: The map has a lot of ln's since I also mapped the vocals, but I hope you would still try it out, thanks.
If labeled WIP, clarify if the chart is fully done here: fully done, pending, and aiming for rank.
Artist - Title: jyA-Me - White Sweet Love feat. CLIFF EDGE
Map Link: beatmapsets/1929861#mania/3986399
Length: 4:52
Diff(s) that you want modded: 4K Your Love is Forever on my Heart
Description: calm song with valentine theme owo, Cliff edge only have 9-keys charts on ranked section so i trying to be first 4,5,6keys. Thank you very much!
Artist - Title: Various Artists - We are DREAMERS!!(Game Size)
Map Link: beatmapsets/1900877#mania/3953954
Length: 4:52
Diff(s) ALL
Description: nix thanks
CAN I SUBMIT THIS HERE. beatmapsets/1927576#mania/3980605

Sending love from antifragile
Artist - Title: Riverside - Maboroshigizu no Luminaria
Map Link: beatmapsets/1921815#mania/3966853
Length: 4:42
Diff(s) that you want modded: single diff (diff name is "Just believe in the future...")
Description: it's a hybrid map, containing some js and hs
If labeled WIP, clarify if the chart is fully done here: pending

my favorite artists are Yuuhei Satellite and Shinra bansho

Thanks in advance!
Artist - Title: KOCHO - Hanyamaru Manten, Zenitendou. (TV Size)
Map Link: beatmapsets/1941849#mania/4016636
Length: 0:31
Diff(s) that you want modded: Any but all preferably considering the map is short
Description: Average very short anime song map. LN mapped to Vocal etc (also hitsounded)

Please and Thank You!~ Even if rejected <3
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