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Hakurei Yoru
This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2023年6月3日 at 上午 1:24:12

Artist: BEMANI Sound Team "HuMeR x Nekomata Master" feat. Emi Evans
Title: Shadow World
Source: beatmania IIDX 30 RESIDENT
Tags: Yours- necho video game english sodarose Tachibana Gekka VoiceCore liaoxingyao Atlust Ameth Otosaka-Yu 1112 konami electronic
BPM: 180
Filesize: 14711kb
Play Time: 02:02
Difficulties Available:
  1. Ameth's ANOTHER+ (5.64 stars, 632 notes)
  2. Gekka's HYPER (3.67 stars, 376 notes)
  3. LEGGENDARIA (5.8 stars, 532 notes)
  4. liaoxingyao's EXTRA (5.02 stars, 653 notes)
  5. Necho's ANOTHER (5.08 stars, 582 notes)
  6. RESIDENT (6.54 stars, 664 notes)
  7. soda's NORMAL (2.3 stars, 213 notes)
  8. Voice's INSANE (4.66 stars, 452 notes)
Download: BEMANI Sound Team "HuMeR x Nekomata Master" feat. Emi Evans - Shadow World
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

Special thanks to Realazy
StoryBoard by Yours- (added in 2023.1.26)
HS by TtmnZk & Me (Low diff)

Shadow world - and we're all running round to find ourselves;
Mad old world -so can you tell me who I am?
Shallow world - but can you tell me where to find my future - Show me how to shine!

Bring in the morning-where?
Sing in the morning-here!

I'm racing -see, the stormy skies are much lighter now
Riding on the wings of a nnew tomorrow;
Chasing the dark away - it's much brighter now,
Hiding where you see the future glow.

Dancing on the breeze of another day,
Where the music takes me l'll surely follow;
Linger if you please for some other day-
I'm set up to join in this show.

Pause just a moment,
Wait,while I dim the lights, adjust the sound;
Just for a moment
Pause, so I can review the situation.
Now in this moment
See-all potentiality come cluster round.

Ooh- we'll make it happen;
Ooh-we'll make it.
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