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Hi, I'm trying to switch playstyles from my old style of using clicks for singletap and kb for streams with mouse to kb only, but after about 2000 playcount with new style, im still having trouble hitting long segments of high bpm jumps, its not that I dont have the aim for the jumps, but I feel like my mouse movement and my kb tapping isn't synchronized, so I just drop all the jumps in a row sometimes, causing me to fail or w/e. I've tried to just overcome this with practice, but its not working so well.

If you guys have had a similar situation, how did you guys overcome this block or w/e
I just kept on repeating my play style until i got used to it..

Also, that name though.
I overcame it by tossing my keyboard off my desk and going back to mouse only.

I later overcame it again by playing with keyboard exclusively for a month or 2. D:

Your name implies you should be using a tablet.
Just play mouse only, you get a free hand to do stuff with.

Pengua wrote:

Just play mouse only, you get a free hand to do stuff with.
I've never understood why people say this like it's an advantage of playing mouse only. What do you use your hand to do, when you're concentrating on playing osu!? The only thing that comes to mind is stroking your pussycat.

Even when I do play mouse only, I have my left hand flat on the desk. Not conducting an orchestra, not working on a sculpture, NOT drinking a can of soda.
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