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Osu! Scandinavian Tournament 2014! Winners: Xytox & Gnuu

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Xytox wrote:

för helvete
there's no ost without syltost

Liiraye wrote:

Quick update about the spectator client

I have contacted Loctav about this, apparently the client is more flexible now and ready for use (which was not the case when we asked earlier). Having that said, I was encouraged to contact Peppy myself as the organizers of the OETW did. Right now I'm waiting for a mail back from Peppy, hopefully it will work out.
No reply yet?
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Sadly no. It's really frustrating that I can't do much about it. I'll see what I can do.

EDIT: After having spoken a bit with Loctav it looks like we have the odds on our side. Peppy is very busy atm so Loctav will contact some devs to get further info as to how they will hand over the client etc. Feel free to PM me if you have some questions.
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Still no answer. However, I'd like to know if there's someone confident enough in their english and social skills to be a commentator alongside with me during this tournament. Either post here or send me a PM!
i'll commentate as well as stream xD
I can help out if needed.
Maybe you could ask Mill as well if you need people to switch with. He has a sexy voice.
when i dont play i dont mind either
I could probably join when not playing
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Great to see so many people volunteering. For a moment I feared no one would ;v;
Kriers is the best commentator, instant 2k viewers
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Loctav is supposed to talk to peppy today about this, let's wait and see.

Edit: Map pool Updated!
really hard maps for me xD but i do my best xD
poptifine's account is not found btw

maal wrote:

poptifine's account is not found btw
He has changed his name to Exclusive.
I will be doing some exams in this period (Stay at home assignments), but I have a 100mbps upload and can run a stream as long as this won't require my full attention as I'll be kinda busy. Will be available pretty much whenever though. (If it's a matter of 1-3 hours a day only, I can afford devoting all of my attention to it and will be treating it as a study break, otherwise I'd just make sure it's running and then tend to issues if/when they arrive). I can commentate, although I really think someone more qualified in terms of osu! skill should be doing that.

PM me if interested.
(For obvious reasons, I'd prefer to be a backup in case it's needed :p)
Sounds nice :D

oh and why u dont sleep? wait why do i not sleep :?:
everyone who has offered to stream should probably be free and available since it's going to be needed to go with the whole restream plan
we were unable to get the client unfortunately

we'll go through settings and such the day before the tournament starts and make sure everything works for everyone

we still need atleast 1 more streamer though
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Since Shilkey's computer is getting fixed Blander decided to drop out. I replace their team with Heibels team who are almost equally on par with Shilkey & Blandar, so there shouldn't be any seeding issue!
I don't know why i made this haha.
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