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How do you think of the team's modding :3

[mii-chan] Awesome~ :)
19.35% 12
[mii-chan] Decent :roll:
4.84% 3
[mii-chan] Bad :(
0.00% 0
[KK] Awesome~ :)
29.03% 18
[KK] Decent :roll:
1.61% 1
[KK] Bad :(
1.61% 1
[sheela] Awesome~ :)
30.65% 19
[sheela] Decent :roll:
9.68% 6
[sheela] Bad :(
3.23% 2
Total votes: 62
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SPOILER: I'm sick of telling everyone to follow the rules >.< they are clearly written here. Don't force me to make a blacklist

Hiya~ we are a new modding team :) Nice to meecha~ We'll try our best~
We are currently looking for more modders, so if you want to try, feel free to post here or catch any member ingame (forum PM is OK too).

  1. o0ohitomio0o (hitomi, mii-chan or mii) HIATUS - nuu I dun take reqs now >.>
  2. Kuo Kyoka (KK or Kuo) ACTIVE
  3. sheela901 (sheela) SEMI-ACTIVE

  1. mii-chan: IRC GD M4M
  2. KK: MOD GD M4M
  3. sheela: MOD GD M4M


General modding rules
  1. Check member's last post for each one's current status
  2. No bubbled, popped or very high SP (~+30) *this applies for mii-chan & KK, but not sheela*
  3. mii-chan & KK's Internet connection sucks :)
  4. We have the right to reject maps we don't like
  5. Don't rush us, we have our issues too...
  6. Repost your map is OK, as long as we didn't rejected it in the first place for reasons like: we don't like the music, the mapset or timing have serious problems that we can't fix
  7. Case when all members give you separate mods is when you have a ticket OR we really really like the song
  8. If all of us feel that your map is really good / should be ranked at the time of modding, one of us will shoot a star~
  9. Use the form below to send your request
  10. Say your greetings~

mii-chan's specific modding rules
  1. IRC only and DON'T BE RUDE to mii-chan~
  2. Timing check is avaiblable always (put your timing check req at "Specific request") but depends on the song
  3. You need to do mii-chan's map first (at least 2 difs is required since it's a full ver. map) to get M4M, but she will return the mod ASAP and BY THREAD too~
  4. mii-chan can mod all 4 modes, but Taiko (Inner Oni, Oni) & Mania (MX upward) mii-chan cannot guarantee a good mod
  5. mii-chan takes up long time for IRC (normally 1.5-2 hrs, some went up to ~3hrs), so make sure you have decent time span
  6. PM her to start modding, if not, requests are automatically abandoned after 2 weeks (in this case repost for another member is acceptable)
  7. The better the map, the worse the mod ;p
  8. Loves: female VOCALOIDs, Nightcore, DJ Okawari
  9. Hates: male VOCALOIDs (Kagamine Len is an exception~), metal, heavy rock, too fast (over 200bpm) / too hard (approved & deathstreams)
  10. How to get mii-chan's priority/exception: you're mii-chan's mutual friend | you helped mii-chan with her map before (modded her map, gave advices etc.) | you give her songs she reallllllllly likes~
  11. Keep in mind that mii-chan's a lazy cat =w=" and she won't mod every map that was requested unless she like them (sorry)
  12. Oh and don't forget her priority list: M4M > GD > IRC

KK's specific modding rules
  1. mania only
  2. 4K or 7K
  3. Loves: Japanese, anison
  4. Hates: Korean or Chinese songs
  5. No Extra/MX & anything like that
  6. Below 2mins is preferable

sheela's specific modding rules
  1. The mapset needs at least a finished dif
  2. Modding available in English & French
  3. M4M has highest priority


GD rules

  1. Scale of greatness in GD for mii-chan: taiko > mania = osu! > ctb
  2. Time needed is at least a week


  1. mania only
  2. 4K / 7K ONLY
  3. Time needed depends, usually 2-3 days, but can take up to 1 week if busy
  4. If you want to personally request KK, try using this form as an alternative


  1. Length should be below 4mins
  2. No like, no GD, sr
  3. Collab is fine, but I never did a collab before
  4. Difs available: Easy/Normal/Hard osu!Standard, Muzukashii Taiko (not an expert)


Modding format:
Requested modder (not "everyone" or "anyone" or something like that):
Modding type (IRC or thread -- for KK/sheela's mod reqs):
Beatmap name:
Specific request for anything? (timing check, etc.):
GD format:
Requested GD-er:
Beatmap name:
GD needed:


mii-chan: EBTC - Legend of Swordsman INGAME PM NEEDED
mii-chan: Childhood Crusher-P - Calalini INGAME PM NEEDED
sheela: Different Heaven & EH!DE - My Heart DELIVERED
mii-chan: Aihara Kaori - Total Eclipse 2035 ~Shoujo no Jikuu Kaiki Nisshoku~ IN PROGRESS
sheela: Tomohito Nishiura - Broken Promise ?
sheela: Yin Lin - Lu Gu Xun Meng DELIVERED
sheela: Shinji Orito, Magome Togoshi, Jun Maeda - Nagisa~Saka no Shita no Wakare DELIVERED
sheela: Mili - Nine Point Eight DELIVERED
KK: Hashimoto Yukari - Lost my pieces DELIVERED
sheela: nanahira - Monosugoi Ikioide Keine ga Monosugoi Uta DELIVERED
KK: Shiro Amano - Twister DELIVERED
sheela: Chihara Minori - Kono Sekai wa Bokura wo Matteita (TV Size) DELIVERED
mii-chan: CLIFF EDGE feat. Nakamura Maiko - Endless Tears INGAME PM NEEDED
sheela: Raujika - Lost Imagination DELIVERED
sheela: Ho-kago Tea Time - Fuwa Fuwa Time DELIVERED
sheela: The Chain Gang of 1974 - Sleepwalking DELIVERED
sheela: Idoling!!! - S.O.W. Sense of Wonder ?
KK => mii-chan: Kalafina - Hikarifuru INGAME PM NEEDED
sheela: Demetori - Emotional Skyscraper ~ World's End DELIVERED
sheela: Genjitsutouhi-P - World's End Dancehall (ROCKETMAN Remix) DELIVERED
sheela: PinkiePieSwear - Sunshine and Celery Stalks DELIVERED
sheela: JDee'Z - The X Strait and the Y Scenery DELIVERED
mii-chan: ChouchouP feat Hatsune Miku - Glorious World FAVORITE - IN CHECK
sheela: MysteryBen27 - Remix Apple Apple Apple DELIVERED
sheela: Masatoshi Ono - departure! (TV Size) DELIVERED
sheela: Nanahira - 1, 2 Fan Club ?
sheela: Inna - Shining Star ?
sheela: Tamurapan - Koko (TV Size) ?
sheela: nano - Born to be (TV Size) ?
sheela: School Food Punishment - after laughter ?

**Waiting for acceptance:

Soraru , Lon - Haito atorisuata nite
3L - Torn Moon
SunaP - Kakusei Love Survivor
BooVox - JackSepticEye
Junichi Masuda - Lavender Town Theme
Hi please: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/124898

EDIT: lol 3 italian maps xD
italian mafia
http://osu.ppy.sh/s/123312 adding more italian to the thread pls

o0ohitomio0o wrote:

3 slots
looks like Leader wants a horse head in his bed.
OK I'll start taking up IRCs now :D
can you mod this please :D
You said : Stop posting when you see 3 more reqs under my last post.

But was your last post about opening 3 slots? :?
Anyway, here is my map : http://osu.ppy.sh/s/99583
And thanks :D

Round #1
A Certain Scientific Railgun S

Round #2
Swort Art Online
Round 1 - Amagami SS
Round 2 - Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Waka ga Nai
Only 2 people after 8 hrs :| maybe this wasn't a good idea... :(

Round #1:
Shingeki no Kyojin

Round #2:
Ginban Kaleidoscope
Seriously, stir things up a bit :( participate more~ send me more replies~
round 1
Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W

round 2
Mayo Chiki!
seems like what i did for my lucky round :)
if you want ill try to get this more noticed :D
Hi there ^_^

Round 1
Shingeki no Kyojin

Round 2
Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Waka ga Nai

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