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I have my osu client from the 1st day i found about this game and i was downloading a lot of pack's. And now i have a problem with amount of useless/lowstar beatmaps i have in my osu. And there is no way to get rid of them without spending 100 years.I know i can select a beatmap and delete it manually, but it will take ages to do that and sometime it hopes to 5star maps witch i dont want to remove,but because of me spamming delete button i accidently removed maps i pay ;(. And reinstalling osu is not an option cuz you will have to spend a lot of time to redownload all the song you want again not just time to find/remember them, but timeout's will also kick-in.
So we already have 'Delete all unranked beatmaps' function.I suggest to go further with that and make a delete function with a filters like Stars/Authors/Played/Unplayed/Date/Mode etc..
It will save time for a lot of people.

Sorry for my bad english.
Why delete individual difficulties? Surely it doesn't take a long time to scroll down to find the hardest difficulty from a mapset, and they don't even consume a large amount of space - for 6000 beatmaps the amount of space consumed by simply the .osu files would not exceed a total of 1.2GB. Less than 12GB if you considered every single map that exists in osu.

Deleting by artist and date is also possible through Windows Explorer, just search for the artist or sort by the date:
If you want to delete by author, you can also search using Windows Explorer by author: and it not only includes diffs by them but whole beatmap sets.

In short, I don't see the point of this being added to osu!. My osu with >6000 beatmaps is not cluttered or hard to search through to find a specific difficulty of a map.
Yeah I don't see this happen either, Easy and Normal maps doesn't take a huge space on the screen.

smoogipoo's suggestion to use Windows Explorer search function is good.
a beatmap difficulty is about 20 - 50kb
There is still a chance that you have at the end Normal Diffs with 5 Stars. It would be way too inaccurate to delete by Stars.
I bet someone could code this using the api. I might mess around with the api once i'm finished with my mapping program.
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