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Problem Details:
Hi, i just noticed that my profile is having an issue. i'm playing ranked maps almost everyday, but as you can see on my profile, my lastest updates are from 11 months ago. Is there something wrong with my account? Thank you for your time. :cry:

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20131106.2 (latest)
Shouldn't be anything wrong with your account. The Top Performances only change if you placed high enough in the ranks on a specific map and that score needs to be considered better than the current ones to show up. In the recent activity section, you need to be placed at least in the top 500 on a specific map to have it show up there. Also, you need to be signed in for it to update on your profile.
A few things. Make sure you are using the correct tab for the mode you are playing in. So osu! For osu! standard and taiko for taiko. Recent activity only includes beatmaps, top 500 placings, achievements, and a few other things. Check under the history tab for your recent plays in the last 24 hours. This seems to be only limited to osu!standard though. Just keep playing. To pr ove your profile works. Try playing a new song that was released
Today or yesterday.

Also make sure you are logged in on the game and you are playing ranked maps.

NekoSpricigo wrote:

my lastest updates are from 11 months ago.
What do you mean? Are you talking about your play history graph, which starts on October 2012? (this is the only thing I found in your profile that has something to do with 11 months ago, besides your registration date)

Are you sure you are online when playing?
When playing maps, are you completing them? (and not just retrying the hell out after a few seconds)
How many times have you played since the beginning of this month? The graph can take a while to update.
I always make sure that i only play on ranked maps, and i was on my account the entire time. It must be some kind of erro.
Are you sure you're even logged in?

Your play history doesn't say anything, indicating that your account hasn't been played on for a while.
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