To the osu players who dont use Z/X

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I am used to z/x because I tend to use the side of the laptop to cancel out my rebound. But my major finger for osu is actually my middle finger instead of the usual so I hit z more often than x
Q/W because Z/X is too uncomfortable on my laptop
Del and End because they're the least used keys that are comfortable to tap... Honestly I don't know.
Yuuki Asuna
M and N, because my keyboard is placed far left on my desk
I use C/V so i wont destroy my Z/X :))
` / 1 to hit the esc button faster.
We use we. We like it wery much.

I sit too close to use zx, no room for hand.

kriers wrote:

X/C because I used to accidentally hit the windows button all the time.
Each time I buy new keyboard I do this
I know there are other ways to disable this nasty button but thats easier)
I change keys every couple of weeks to pretty much any 2 keys on the same row as Z/X to make sure that I don't break any keys from overusing them.

Currently using N/ M, previously used Numpad1/Numpad2 and ,/. . If the keys are next to each other on the same row there's barely any difference if you just slide your keyboard a bit to the left/right to compensate. I feel this works best for me.

On a somewhat related note:
Has anyone here managed to break a key on a SteelSeries 7g (or 6gv2 for that matter) keyboard from playing osu!?
If so, (approx.) how long did it take you?
I use a/s as well. Z/X feels uncomfortable for me.
I use W/E because it's where my hand is most used to resting in the keyboard. From way back when i used to play flash games with WASD controls, to now where i play League of Legends (I use spacebar instead of Q), that was always the spot where my hand would usually rest when not typing anything.
I use Del and End because I keep hitting the Windows key and Alt when playing :(

beeboy123 wrote:

Why dont you use z/x and how does it work well with the way you like to play.

I started playing with a/s and i do this because I arc my fingers over my keyboard the the added height improves my clicking speed by monstrous amounts making it easier for me to slow down to the right speed and get perfect accuracy.
I tap faster with Tab + Q.
S/D Master-Race reporting in for duty.
I use numpad

;/ because it brings my hands closer and I can be more relaxed in long streams. I can use z/x fine but I lose control/timing much faster.
Just change to q/w to avoid keyboard damage. It's not a hard transition, just give it a few minutes and you will adapt.

piruchan wrote:

Just change to q/w to avoid keyboard damage. It's not a hard transition, just give it a few minutes and you will adapt.
Very true. Plus the angling of the wrist is also pretty comfortable as well.
i use c/v because of the original osu god cyclone
I have o-rings on z/x and use them at night or when I want to play more quietly, otherwise I use c/v (without o-rings)
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