To the osu players who dont use Z/X

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I rotate to a different pair each month. Currently on G/H (7th pair).
A bit off-topic, but I find this thread interesting. Good to know the reasons why people used other keys than Z and X for tapping. :P

jesus1412 wrote:

now I'm on qw.

It makes no difference really.
i use XC so when the C button wears out from singletapping i can just move over
A/Z, because index and middle fingers are not of the same length. This layout feels the most natural to me and blah blah.

EcksDee wrote:

Switched to QW a few days ago.
Feels more comfortable to have my hand stretched out on the keyboard
Down arrow key / Right Arrow key

My desk is too high (My keyboard is even with my chest) and those are the lowest keys I can use.

Loctav wrote:

Num2/Num3 (lefty \o/)
(And probably the only one on this planet, who uses index and ring finger, instead of index and middle finger in standard/taiko)
I do that too! but with left and right arrow key :) (also left handed ofc ^^)
I use 'j' and ','. Strange I know but I like to turn the keyboard around a little and rest my thumb against the keyboard just below the spacebar.

Feels comfortable being fairly close to my tablet.
i use A and S because of windows button(also it's comfortable :D)
A/S cause dota has implemented that into me.

YayMii wrote:

I'm a mindless sheep, and I'm using S/D because that's what Silvia used.

to be srs I actually use Num4/Num5 because I'm left-handed
i use the row above, num7num8
I use A/D because I have a Steelseries Merc stealth. I use index/ring fingers.
I use S/F because
-they aren't close to Windows Key
-I'm used to resting my left hand on WASD
-F has a bump on it
-S/F are higher up the keyboard so I don't have to shrink my hand to press Z/X
-I leave them one key apart because the 1-key distance between S and F is less fatiguing on my fingers

Loctav wrote:

(And probably the only one on this planet, who uses index and ring finger, instead of index and middle finger in standard/taiko)
I do this too. I even lead with my ring finger. Current keys are E/T, but I rotate through the entire top row.
Use A/S because Z/X is too close.
Q/W Because it makes me bend my hand in such an arc that I can play high bpm streaming maps for hours with much less notable injury to my wrists/fingers
A/S because whynot
C/V Cuz I have a $3 dollars keyboard and the others keys dont work hue
I used to play a lot of Counter Strike and Team Fortress 2, and from them I got used to spamming AD for movement so now whenever I need to alternate, I use Ring finger for "A" and Index for "D".
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