To the osu players who dont use Z/X

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Why dont you use z/x and how does it work well with the way you like to play.

I started playing with a/s and i do this because I arc my fingers over my keyboard the the added height improves my clicking speed by monstrous amounts making it easier for me to slow down to the right speed and get perfect accuracy.
i originally played with v/b, but recently (yesterday) my B key started randomly typing twice, so i switched to c/v

i don't really remember why i chose those, but i felt z/x was too far over from what I'm used to
I don't use Z/X because azerty
I'm a mindless sheep, and I'm using S/D because that's what Silvia used.

to be srs I actually use Num4/Num5 because I'm left-handed
I've been through zx cv bn as df and now I'm on qw.

It makes no difference really.
X/C because I used to accidentally hit the windows button all the time.
C/S because wide spread is better for my finger dexterity. Less twitch, more bash.
J/K because I find that spacing between it and my tablet to be comfortable.
I've almost completely broken my Z, X, and C keys due to osu so now I switch keys much more often because if I don't it would become a pain to type on a keyboard with broken keys all over the place.
used s/d because my Z key broke

got a new keyboard but still use s/d because i'm used to having half my hand and reaching out for the keys now
Switched to QW a few days ago.
Feels more comfortable to have my hand stretched out on the keyboard
using e/r, though should probably stop cause my keys are dying. reason was cause i can rest my wrist on my old keyboard, now i can rest it on my massive tablet.
z/x were too close to the windows key
a/s didn't work in editor test mode, because "a" already activated autoplay
so q/w it is
Da Holy One
i can do alot of insane maps with A/S but as soon as i try to use anything else like Z/X i cant even do the easier insanes. my fingers just dont go that way it feels too unnatural. although to be fair i think I have large hands
G/H because of ... I don't know
Last Week Q/W but I pushed alwasy the Tab Button so I changed to G/H
Left handed. Using 1/2.
Num2/Num3 (lefty \o/)
(And probably the only one on this planet, who uses index and ring finger, instead of index and middle finger in standard/taiko)
I feel more comfy using D/V because my hand is wide open :)
Was using 2E/3R/4T/5Y/6U/7I

+1 cube dake
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