Afilia Saga - S.M.L (TV Size) [Taiko]

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Tags should be"俺の脳内選択肢が、学園ラブコメを全力で邪魔している"

把青春换成学园,我后来改过online tags
self-popped by mapper

Well, seems like people like to overwhelm me nowadays. Whatever.

OnosakiHito wrote:

Well, seems like people like to overwhelm me nowadays. Whatever.
I've talked to kpy in-game and he once again claimed the diff spread is fine. Since the spread isn't that unacceptable, I think I'll let this go

Improve some minor note arrangements in kantan, also improved the consistency of muzu
These changes are minor so I believe that this can be directly ranked

Part of savelog is here for reference ( The 1st half is lost due to BSOD x_x )
21:35 aabc271: bsod so eggpain
21:35 kanpakyin: orz
21:35 aabc271: It's like a screamer implemented in os D:
21:35 kanpakyin: I feel better with x1.0 wor...since i have to consider the change at 01:07:528 -
21:36 aabc271: You can consider using x1.0 starting from 01:07:828 -
21:36 kanpakyin: but start at there sounds weird for me wor - -
21:37 kanpakyin: i prefer to follow the music
21:37 aabc271: x1.1 for kiai, that's a kind of following music too
21:37 aabc271: Dunno why so many people are so concerned about that specific point of kiai start / end, but whatever
21:37 aabc271: Your choice
21:38 kanpakyin: ._.
21:38 aabc271: For me, the points are both start and end of a section, so no need to force-use a speed
21:38 kanpakyin: anyway would like to keep that ;w;
21:39 aabc271: Alright then ;w;
21:42 aabc271: Diff spread inconsistency can be seen, but you said "All about difficulty spread has been discussed.", so I don't care (?)
21:42 kanpakyin: yea!
21:42 aabc271: 237 -> 420 ( +77% ). Remember this is your choice ~_~
21:43 kanpakyin: yea
21:43 aabc271: You eggpain those average-muzu level players (slap
21:43 aabc271: But I don't think you'll make another diff
21:43 aabc271: So never mind
21:45 aabc271: Kantan 00:13:228 (21) - Moving this to 00:13:528 - could be more intuitive ?
21:45 aabc271: Also for consistency with 00:23:128 -
21:46 kanpakyin: ok
21:47 aabc271: 01:06:628 - Consider adding a note ?
21:47 aabc271: Kantan's patterns look so fake or sth ? lol
21:48 aabc271: Also not so consistent o.O
21:49 kanpakyin: ok
21:49 kanpakyin: don
21:49 aabc271: 00:56:128 - ~ 00:57:928 - I wonder if you wanna make this section more similar to 00:45:928 - ?
21:51 kanpakyin: fixed sth
21:51 aabc271: 01:13:228 (56,57,58) - I guess following the main vocal is more intuitive ?
21:52 aabc271: I mean, sth like this
21:56 kanpakyin: fixed in my own way
21:56 aabc271: ok
21:57 aabc271: Inconsistent spinner ending time in kantan ?
21:58 aabc271: Other diffs : 01:28:678 - end
22:01 kanpakyin: okok
22:01 kanpakyin: fixed
22:01 aabc271: Double-checking other diffs...
22:02 aabc271: Muzu - 00:47:128 (229,230,231,232,233) - All finishes ? Because of (275~279). Optional though
22:03 kanpakyin: okok
22:13 aabc271: The diffs should be fine
22:13 aabc271: Now checking the metadata stuff
22:13 kanpakyin: I upload the diffs then
22:13 aabc271: TV size is allowed again ?
22:13 kanpakyin: yes
22:13 aabc271: Why sometimes no sometimes yes = ="
22:14 kanpakyin: = =
22:15 kanpakyin: :D god knows
22:15 kanpakyin: updated
22:15 aabc271: o.O
22:15 aabc271: Checking the romanised title and stuff, wait..
22:21 aabc271: Only inner oni -> Widescreen storyboard support not ticked ?
22:21 aabc271: Not sure if this affects taiko at all, but well
22:23 kanpakyin: ok
22:23 kanpakyin: fixed for consistency
22:25 aabc271: ok then... Title seems ok because I see several different versions on the internet, but this is same as ranked version
22:25 aabc271: I think everything should be ready now
22:26 kanpakyin: yeah
22:26 kanpakyin: w
22:26 kanpakyin: 40 ranked and mission complete

Checked all diffs and I think this mapset should be ready for a rank, so here's your heart :)

Ranked ~
Gratzz!! Kanpayakin!!^^
Congrats KPY! :3
Nice map but I really think you should of used a BG offset :P
恭喜~ :)
Topic Starter
Thanks mina~ ><
NouKome ♥ Love it gz :3
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