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OnosakiHito wrote:

Recheck. - Mostly suggestions.

00:09:928 (28) - You mapped to the vocal, so maybe you would like to delete this note //I'm not only mapping to vocal, but also the putch of instrument and drum sound.
00:15:178 - I think moving this note to 00:15:328 would fit more to the vocal. //Exactly this is mapped to instrument.
00:17:128 - And this note could be changed to don finisher to keep your beat consistent (every 4/4 1x don).
00:19:828 - Maybe delete this one as well and change to finisher kat. Not only that you would emphasize the high sounding at this part, you would also bring the vocal mapping to the front. //I don;t see any reason to do this. I only put finisher on notes when there is any strong beat or down beat.
00:24:778 - move to 00:24:928 (same as bevore) //same
00:27:628 - Maybe use a don to emphasize the kat-finisher more. - Though, looking at the up coming parts, this might fit better to them.
00:30:028 - don as well...? Yes, the vocalist says "wa", so kat would fit, but after all I belive that the kat-finisher emphasize in this way better when a don appears first.

[ Muzukashii]
Beginning~00:33:928 - You mapped to 1/2, but even though the patterns are not that hard, you should try to enshorter them a little. Though, I gave some suggestions down below, so this might be already enough. //The length of 1/2 pattern are not more than 5. I can't shorten that anymore in order to keep the consistency of the pattern.

00:01:228 (4,5,6,7,8) - kd k dk seems to fit better here, also it alternates nice with the other patterns. //00:01:378 (5,6,7) - these three notes are on the same pitch, which is higher than 00:01:228 (4) - . That's why I put a kat there.
00:06:028 (23,24,25,26,27) - ^ //^
00:07:528 (29,30,31,32) - k d k d would fit now much better in terms of the songs tones if you changed what I suggested before. And if you did so...
00:08:278 (33,34,35) - k d k might fit here automatically better, also due to the songs tones. It would also have a decent alternate way.
00:09:328 (39) - Maybe don? Not a must, just feeled like having one here. //again, I'm following the pitch here.
00:09:628 (40) - kat finisher for the vocal and delete 00:09:778 (41,43) - ? Also due to the vocal, but also to keep the Muzukashii a bit easy. Maybe you won't be able to have good 2/1 breaks, but having 2x 1/1 notes might be enough as well. Dispite of that, 00:10:228 the pattern k k d d k fits in my opinion better when it stands alone, since it emphasizes the vocal in this way. //I don't want to place a finisher on the place which doesn't have strong beat.
00:14:278 - Delete this note to keep consistency with 00:11:878 ?
00:16:978 - kat for variation and simplification? //nope, as to follow the drum there.
00:19:978 - deletig this note might be nice to have a rise of notes at the upcoming pattern (d k ddkdd kkddkdd). Would fit to the kkddk ddkkddk at 00:22:228, since this is also some kind of a rise.
00:24:328 - don finisher?
00:54:178 - kat might fit better to this vocal?
00:55:228 - d k D ? Also due to vocal but also for alternateing patterns. //00:55:378 - The pitch here is higher than 00:55:228 - and 00:55:528 (269) - . So I put a kat here.
01:06:628 - Either have a kat 1/3 stream or a don 1/3 stream. But having one alone standing kat is... well, I wouldn't do so, but it depends of you.
//I insist that I won't change this as it is fair enough for muzu.
01:15:928 - reverse pattern of 01:14:728 maybe? //reverse pattern doesn't fit the music imo
01:26:203 - You can delete this note since 01:26:278 is rather an "alone standing vocal" and not connected to the stretched "ne" or what it is. //deleting that note sounds weird to me...

[Inner Oni]
00:04:678 (22,23,24,25,26) - kd k d k(reverse it) would probably fit better since it fits to the songs tons better. //nope, I don't think so, I currently placed the notes to follow the pitch.
00:13:828 (79) - Changing to kat here might fit well. //not really, if you hear more carefully, you could notice the instrument sound are more obvious at 00:13:978 -
00:14:578 (85,86) - k D ?
00:17:128 - kkkkd ? Would fungate as rise of notes for 00:16:378 but also fit to the vocal and alternate from 00:17:428 to the next kat well. //changed to ddddk instead in order to fit the pitch.
00:18:178 - don? Also due to alternate but also to emphasize kat-finishers. //still in high pitch part, so keep using kat here.
00:33:778 - I'm sure it would be better to delete this note. Differ the parts more from each other. //I don't want to remove this note as there is drum sound and I simply don;t want to miss out any part of components of music.
00:36:328 - kkddkkddkkkkddddk should fit better to the vocal and be more simple. To be honest, I don't think the current one fits here well, especially since the vocals are clear defined. //Probably you should hear to the music more and more carefully, the kat sound I placed in this stream are actually high pitch part and the don sound are relatively low pitch.
00:43:678 - delete
00:44:878 - ^ //There is a drum sound.
00:46:078 - ^ //^
} Might work well for emphasizing the vocals.
00:48:478 - Move to 00:48:778, so the previous stream ends more smooth + differ the parts from each other.
00:49:078 and 00:49:153 could be both changed to kat and moved to 00:49:003 so it fits to the vocals again. //Sorry but I can't see any reason that I have to change this to kat as the variation of pitch there is not conspicious.
01:06:328 - Hm not sure... consider deleting both dons. //nope, I wanted to follow the drum sound here.
01:17:128 ~ 01:24:328 - I'm the opinion you should have 1/1 gas here, at 01:19:378 and 01:21:778 and 01:24:178 //To be honest, I made the part like this on purpose in order to make a good coordination with the big notes and small notes.
01:26:128 - d kkddddk or something similar should be here. I don't know where this odd pattern comes from. This is just a killer at the end of the map if you ask me, without any significant reason for me. //changed to another pattern.
01:17:128 - I like the SV usage here. how about having a kiai again?

My conclusion to this set:

Well, I modded it now more in detail and there are some things you have to explain me, kanpakyin: Is there any reason why you use so many notes in the Inner Oni? From the view of a player I would say: "wow, great map, have to train my stamina" or something like that, but from a view of a mapper I say that you overdone it with many patterns you have. Parts are not clearly defined; everything is mapped in one row and there is just hardly something emphasized in the whole song. Notes dissapear in their own mass/amount.

//To be honest, why are we going to map a map? For what? Without a doubt, it is for player. While mapping, we should take player in our first consideration, and this is what I map for. Who will play the map eventually? It is player, so when players think that this is a good map, then it is. In this map, I think I have struck a great balance between playability and map itself. All notes feel the music and it flows well (I found quite a lot testplayers.) I actually didn't see the problem you mentioned.

You have some SV changes, indeed, but that's all. Even though you mapped to the vocal, most patterns still contain notes which are not really needed and which make the pattern longer as it would be actually necessary. For example at 00:43:528 - The vocal and even the forground sound "stops" here, but you still continue mapping it without -for me- any clear reason. Same from 01:12:328 to the end, you map everything in one row, instead of having something like a rise of notes, which would emphasize every part a bit more and give the beatmap at the end the final imposing part.

//This was done intentionally as I said it before. I would like to make a progressive increasing SV from muzu to inner oni. Besides this, you said that I mapped to vocal, this was only partially correct. I mapped to vocal as well as drum. You could hear this easily, that's why the parts you mentioned might have a note there.

Maybe that's how some mappers nowadays map I guess, so this is no reason for me to say it is unrankable or anything like that. Might be just me, but I miss some kind of "playing with the patterns"; some kind of... um... a try to give the player some feeling in game play...? Sorry, dunno how to express it at this point.
In short form: I miss emphasized parts.

That about the higher diffs. I don't say they are bad, no. Patterns are so far okay as always, but gaps and etc are missing(what I mentioned above). My advice to you, is to think about this next time.
//Gap thing has been solved in disscussion, I guess.

Now, ... what still worries me really much is the spread in this set. As I thought (and mentioned in PM) before, the muzukashii has been made easier to have a better spread to Futsuu, but due to this, now Muzu - Oni spread suffers of it.

Patterns you used in both difficulties

(Oni) 00:19:528~00:27:028 - 8 seconds, full of 1/2 and 1/4 patterns without any break.
(Muzu) 00:19:528~00:27:028 - 8 seconds which contain mostly easy 1/2 kkddk patterns and 12x 1/1 gaps.
(Oni) Kiai - 1/4 duplets, triplets and five-plets which are even mapped together (00:43:528 ~ 00:48:328)
(Muzukashii) Kiai - 1/2 patterns with man gaps.
00:45:928 -


Common pattern: 1/2 - o x, o o x x o, x o x, o o x, ...
Hardest pattern: 1/2 d k d d k k k d; 1/2 k d d d k k d; 1/4 ddd d d ddd d; 1/4 d k k kkkkk k k


Common pattern: 1/4 - oox with addition 5-plets, whole pattern paks with 1/2 + 1/4, ...
Hardest pattern: 1/4 kdddddddddkkddkkd; 00:43:528~00:48:328;

There are some parts which could work, but the kiai is the total Spread-killer with everything it has. We don't talk about little spread issues, this jump is immense. Everywhere 1/4, packed with long 1/2 patterns which are 4 times longer than muzukashii's patterns.

You could make muzukashii a bit easier by having some 2/1 gaps(this would make the spread to Futsuu a bit better as well) and add a new easier Oni which contains already more 1/2 patterns and some 1/4 tiplets and 5-plets(In this way you can mostly keep the current muzu as it is and save the spread to current Oni).

This migh help you. Comments from me how the Muzu - Oni spread acts. Words in "( )" are suggestions from me, how to make Muzu and Oni interact with the new diff in a better way.

00:00:328~00:09:928 - Oni and Muzu don't have much difference (Muzu needs to be made easier)
00:09:928~00:37:528 - Oni becomes harder than Muzu and the spread becomes big (Muzu needs to be made easier and new diff needed)
00:38:728~01:07:528 - Oni and muzukashii's spread are way too high (a new diff is needed)
01:07:528~01:28:678 - Oni and Muzu become a bit similar again, Oni is a bit harder though (muzu can be made easier + having new diff)

In generall I find this "spread topic" really important, especially after I talked to the higher BATs / Admins about it, who agreed that sets in generall should be well spreaded. Right now I don't think it is, but hey, to be not the bad guy here, I'm going to ask 4 more "Taiko" Bats about this case, so they can agree or disagree to this. If they say it's fine, okay. If not, you should add one more diff between Muzu and Oni - a new easier Oni.

This should really be enough as reason I think. Else I can add everything I saw in the map. //All about difficulty spread has been discussed.
Will check others later.
Tags should be"俺の脳内選択肢が、学園ラブコメを全力で邪魔している"

把青春换成学园,我后来改过online tags
self-popped by mapper

Well, seems like people like to overwhelm me nowadays. Whatever.

OnosakiHito wrote:

Well, seems like people like to overwhelm me nowadays. Whatever.
I've talked to kpy in-game and he once again claimed the diff spread is fine. Since the spread isn't that unacceptable, I think I'll let this go

Improve some minor note arrangements in kantan, also improved the consistency of muzu
These changes are minor so I believe that this can be directly ranked

Part of savelog is here for reference ( The 1st half is lost due to BSOD x_x )
21:35 aabc271: bsod so eggpain
21:35 kanpakyin: orz
21:35 aabc271: It's like a screamer implemented in os D:
21:35 kanpakyin: I feel better with x1.0 wor...since i have to consider the change at 01:07:528 -
21:36 aabc271: You can consider using x1.0 starting from 01:07:828 -
21:36 kanpakyin: but start at there sounds weird for me wor - -
21:37 kanpakyin: i prefer to follow the music
21:37 aabc271: x1.1 for kiai, that's a kind of following music too
21:37 aabc271: Dunno why so many people are so concerned about that specific point of kiai start / end, but whatever
21:37 aabc271: Your choice
21:38 kanpakyin: ._.
21:38 aabc271: For me, the points are both start and end of a section, so no need to force-use a speed
21:38 kanpakyin: anyway would like to keep that ;w;
21:39 aabc271: Alright then ;w;
21:42 aabc271: Diff spread inconsistency can be seen, but you said "All about difficulty spread has been discussed.", so I don't care (?)
21:42 kanpakyin: yea!
21:42 aabc271: 237 -> 420 ( +77% ). Remember this is your choice ~_~
21:43 kanpakyin: yea
21:43 aabc271: You eggpain those average-muzu level players (slap
21:43 aabc271: But I don't think you'll make another diff
21:43 aabc271: So never mind
21:45 aabc271: Kantan 00:13:228 (21) - Moving this to 00:13:528 - could be more intuitive ?
21:45 aabc271: Also for consistency with 00:23:128 -
21:46 kanpakyin: ok
21:47 aabc271: 01:06:628 - Consider adding a note ?
21:47 aabc271: Kantan's patterns look so fake or sth ? lol
21:48 aabc271: Also not so consistent o.O
21:49 kanpakyin: ok
21:49 kanpakyin: don
21:49 aabc271: 00:56:128 - ~ 00:57:928 - I wonder if you wanna make this section more similar to 00:45:928 - ?
21:51 kanpakyin: fixed sth
21:51 aabc271: 01:13:228 (56,57,58) - I guess following the main vocal is more intuitive ?
21:52 aabc271: I mean, sth like this
21:56 kanpakyin: fixed in my own way
21:56 aabc271: ok
21:57 aabc271: Inconsistent spinner ending time in kantan ?
21:58 aabc271: Other diffs : 01:28:678 - end
22:01 kanpakyin: okok
22:01 kanpakyin: fixed
22:01 aabc271: Double-checking other diffs...
22:02 aabc271: Muzu - 00:47:128 (229,230,231,232,233) - All finishes ? Because of (275~279). Optional though
22:03 kanpakyin: okok
22:13 aabc271: The diffs should be fine
22:13 aabc271: Now checking the metadata stuff
22:13 kanpakyin: I upload the diffs then
22:13 aabc271: TV size is allowed again ?
22:13 kanpakyin: yes
22:13 aabc271: Why sometimes no sometimes yes = ="
22:14 kanpakyin: = =
22:15 kanpakyin: :D god knows
22:15 kanpakyin: updated
22:15 aabc271: o.O
22:15 aabc271: Checking the romanised title and stuff, wait..
22:21 aabc271: Only inner oni -> Widescreen storyboard support not ticked ?
22:21 aabc271: Not sure if this affects taiko at all, but well
22:23 kanpakyin: ok
22:23 kanpakyin: fixed for consistency
22:25 aabc271: ok then... Title seems ok because I see several different versions on the internet, but this is same as ranked version
22:25 aabc271: I think everything should be ready now
22:26 kanpakyin: yeah
22:26 kanpakyin: w
22:26 kanpakyin: 40 ranked and mission complete

Checked all diffs and I think this mapset should be ready for a rank, so here's your heart :)

Ranked ~
Gratzz!! Kanpayakin!!^^
Congrats KPY! :3
Nice map but I really think you should of used a BG offset :P
恭喜~ :)
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Thanks mina~ ><
NouKome ♥ Love it gz :3
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