Afilia Saga - S.M.L (TV Size) [Taiko]

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2013年12月6日 at 22:22:25

Artist: Afilia Saga
Title: S.M.L (TV Size)
Source: Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Lovecome o Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru
Tags: opening 俺の脳内選択肢が、学園ラブコメを全力で邪魔している
BPM: 200
Filesize: 8955kb
Play Time: 01:28
Difficulties Available:
  1. Futsuu (4.28 stars, 239 notes)
  2. Inner Oni (4.94 stars, 617 notes)
  3. Kantan (2.45 stars, 151 notes)
  4. Muzukashii (4.72 stars, 421 notes)
  5. Oni (4.83 stars, 519 notes)

Download: Afilia Saga - S.M.L (TV Size)
Download: Afilia Saga - S.M.L (TV Size) (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Taiko set

You can find the ranked standard map made by Fycho here:
Inner 突破天際
GD please \O/
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kantokun wrote:

GD please \O/
Please tell me which difficulty do you want to make.
Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Lovecome o Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru
not long enough imo rofl *runs*
taiko mods come as request~

Red ~> unrakable issue, must be changed
Blue ~> highly suggested, consider to use it
Black ~> suggestion, just free to choose it


[ Kantan]

HP and OD change too be 3? well, 2 is too low and i don't know too if Taiko mapset/diff is allowed use 2 for OD and HP
☞ no problem here
• remove this finisher at 00:09:328 - and put the finisher at 00:09:928 - . there's not any finsiher sound that apppear at 00:09:328 - , so that's why i removed it. but, the finsiher sound comes at 00:09:928 - . the song gives finisher sound too there. much better to follow it

• 00:52:528 - don here? it'll follow the low pitch sound at there (vocal pitch sound), same like 00:42:928 - which is don (and the low vocal appears at there too)



☞ HP or OD (or both of them) can be changed to be 4. is 3 not too low for this song?
consider with many 1/2 beat snap divisor notes that you used, like at 00:09:328 - until 00:12:328 - . it's quite long for the futsuu diff, and it's quite hard too for the futsuu player. well, just see some suggestions at the Notes box
• kat at 00:05:728 - and don at 00:07:228 - . i changed them to make consistent notes too like the first part, at 00:00:328 - until 00:02:728 - . they have a same part and also same pitch sounds too. so, consider with the notes that you used. 00:06:178 - has a same pitch sound too like 00:00:928 - and 00:07:228 - has a same pitch sound too like 00:02:428 -

• how about delete 00:10:228 - ? well, i think it's quite hard for the Futsuu player. because it has a long 1/2beat snap divisor notes from 00:09:328 - until 00:12:328 -. and then, it's still has a note after finisher too at 00:09:928 - . i know, you followed the vocal sounds, and it's nice~ but, be more consider again with this. at least, give a little break at there. well, here's just a suggestion btw

• delete 00:19:828 - , the reason is same like above ^ too

• kat at 00:42:328 - , to keep the vocal sound (high vocal sound). it has a same (almost same) pitch sound like 00:42:028 - which is high, and you used kat at there too

• kat too at 00:51:928 -, the reason same like above ^

• you can add finisher at 01:02:728 - . it will follow the finisher sound from the song, and follow the finisher part too like 01:05:128 -

move 01:09:178 - to 01:09:028 - . it's much better to follow the vocal sound. the vocal sound appears at 01:09:028 - too, not at 01:09:178 - that you put it before



☞ HP can be changed to be 5 i think..
consider with twelve 1/3 beat snap divisor notes from 01:06:528 - until 01:07:528 - . suggestion can be found at the Notes box
☞ some inconsistent patterns with finisher
• kat too at 00:32:053 - . well, i think for the triplet at the Muzukashii diff, it's easier with ooo or ooo, so that's why i changed that to be kat to make it ooo triplet. same like 00:29:578 (149,150,151) - that you used

kat at 00:48:028 - . i changed it because it will follow the vocal sound as well. the vocal sound becomes high at there, you can hear it carefully. and it's much better with kat than don.

• from 01:06:528 - until 01:07:528 - , i have a suggestion here. try to change it first then see my explainations. kats at 01:06:628 - and 01:06:778 - will follow the vocal sounds. i saw you followed the vocal sounds too at the previous notes too. and then ooo triplet at there is too follow the drum hits there, and the last kat 01:07:228 - is to follow the vocal again there

• remove the finisher at 01:18:778 - , because i saw you didn't put it too at 01:21:178 - and 01:23:578 - . and i guess that you followed the vocal sounds at there (?) . well, just be consistent with the finisher that you put

remove kat at 01:26:203 - . just make ooo triplet there. ooooo is quite hard for the Muzukashii player, and you put finisher too after that. consider again with this



☞ nothing~
☞ some Finisher suggestions that should be added. well, just see at the Notes box
• add finisher at 00:31:528 - , to keep the finisher patterns there. and then, the finisher sound appears too at there, same like 00:29:128 - that you put finisher too at there

• big don at 00:37:728 - . to make a balance increasing pitch sounds too as well. look, it'll be O O O O from 00:37:528 - until 00:38:128 - . well, i think it's much better than O O O O that you put before

• kat at 00:38:428 - , the vocal sound is high at here (even though small sound)

• kat at 00:55:453 - . at this part, ooo triplet gives much stronger pitch sound than ooo

• finisher again at 00:57:928 - . the finisher sound still appears at here, and to keep the finisher pattern too that you put at the previous notes

• finishers again at 01:15:328 - and 01:16:528 -. to keep the strong vocal pitch sound like 01:14:728 - ; 01:15:928 -

• finisher again at 01:26:728 - . same like another diff. to end the song, gives a finsiher


[Inner Oni]

☞ nothing
consider with finishers that you used at the last part from 01:17:128 - until end. i ever mapped with this patterns too, but TaikoBAT told me to change it. well, it's up you. just consider again at this part
• kat at 00:13:828 - . to keep the kat like 00:13:228 -, because the pattern will be o o o o o o o o from 00:12:328 - until 00:14:278 -

• you can add finsiher at the middle part at 00:17:128 - , to follow the finisher sound at here. i think it's not hard for the Inner Oni diff with this suggestion

• same like above. you can add finisher at 00:19:528 - to follow the finisher sound too at there

kat at 00:31:003 - . so, it'll be ooo triplet there. the triplet which is given much stronger there (to follow the vocal sounds too as well) than ooo that you put before

remove finisher at 00:37:528 - ??! are you sure to use finisher at the last note at stream? i know it is allowed, but the previous notes are ooo. it's quite hard to press the finisher after that. well, i have a suggestion, to delete 00:37:453 - to keep the finisher at 00:37:528 -

• big kat at 00:37:928 - , so the finishers will be O O O O. balance increasing pitch sounds there. same like Oni mod~

• same like Oni diff. kat at 00:38:428 - . it's to follow the high vocal sound eventhough the voice is low

• finisher too at 01:09:928 - , same as 01:07:528 - that you put


okay that's all
goodluck :)
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