[resolved] Beatmaps too quiet?

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I've found that some beatmaps have been really quiet, at first I thought the sound was gone, then I maxed my volume and could hear the song, but at that point, the hit sounds were deafening. Any help would be appreciated!
The problematic beatmaps are;
Nice boat. http://osu.ppy.sh/s/1839#
Gee https://osu.ppy.sh/b/31162&m=0

Nice boat used to work until at some point in went quiet,
Sometime after nice boat had gone quiet, I downloaded gee and it was silent from the moment I got it.

osu! version: 20131024.1 (latest)
Is it just the hit sounds?

If not, make sure that you're not scrolling down by accident while playing, which lowers the master volume.
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thats not it. everything else in the game (hitsounds, menu sounds, other songs) are working its just the sibg for these two beatmaps.
also, no, the universal volume is maxed.

the problems seems to be fixed when i plug my headphones into my computer as opossed to my speaker system.
i dont know what this means, but i guess it works for me.
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