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i'm sorry for previous one, i'm ignoring the hitsound :P

Problem Details:
basically a hold note on mania plays only once and it's only on hold start, but when you make the window on editor is inactive, it'll play twice instead (it means, the end of hold too).
from the beginning what i'm thinking is hold note only plays hold start, neither hold body or hold end played because it's not specified on .osu itself.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20131024.1 (latest)
To make it more clear:
1. Place a hold note
2. Play it in editor
3. Hold note hitsound is only played at the beginning right?

Now try this:
1. Place a hold note
2. Hit play
3. Unfocus osu! window
4. Hold note is having hitsound at both ends.
Sometimes holds also play hitsounds on both ends when the window is focused too, and has been happening for a long time.
Sounds like this editor needs a lot of attention. You should really bug woc to read these threads, and read the forum in general. Things only tend to get fixed if I link threads directly to him.
I don't try because I don't want to look annoying...
published test build with fix.
Issue seems to be fixed.
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