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Problem Details:

osu!mania key images are missing. This doesn't happen on public build 20131024.1.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20131101.1test

Edit: Uploaded screenshot with default skin.
Another player, - Neko Hime -, also has this problem and has confirmed it only happens in the test build.
Noticed this happened when I was testing the new ability to set custom note images, but I thought it was just happening because of me messing with .inis, and I fixed my keys by manually setting the key images in the .ini.

Confirming though, because I just did a fresh launch on test with the default skin on and it's just not applying the key images at all unless you set them manually in the key .ini.
Topic should be changed to 'Key images' since it's the key images not being applied, not the notes.
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