[osu!STD] Nocy's Second Voli-tile Clash (10k-∞) | Concluded.

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Main Sheet 🍁 Discord Server 🍁 Registration 🍁 Challonge 🍁 Stream

Welcome to Nocy's Second Voli-tile Clash, a 3v3 International osu!Standard Tournament with maximum team size 5.
The upper limit of the rank range will be 10,000 with no rank buffer, there is no lower limit.
The tournament is double-elimination with a losers bracket.
A Badge Weighting System (BWS) will be used, the formula is rank^(0.9937^(badges^2)).
The brackets will only accomodate 32 teams, placing outside of top 32 in qualifiers will result in disqualification.
Participants must strictly be within the rank range when registrations end, failing to do so will result in disqualification.
There must be at least 3 players in a team. If there are only two players left after screening, that team will be disqualified.
Staff members are not allowed to participate in the tournament.
Team captains are required to join the discord server, the rest of the team is advised to as well.
Ranks will be locked after registrations end, you may farm out of the rank range.
Qualifiers will be used to determine seeding.
Teams are required to fill in their timezones in the sign-up form, the format used will be UTC.
Players should show respect to staff and each other, toxic or inappropriate behaviour can be reported to the Tournament Committee in the tournament report form or the link below.

Most tournament matches occur on the weekends.
All mappools will aim to thoroughly test the team's skillsets.
Mappool difficulty will be adjusted around the rank range's upper limit.
Mappools will be released after the weekend.
All maps will be played with ScoreV2.

Qualifiers Stage

Captains must pick a lobby within the default times given, they may also create a custom lobby with a desired time.
Referees will inform the players of their matches 15 minutes in advance, and will send invites 10 minutes in advance.
If three players are not present 10 minutes after the scheduled time, they may choose to reschedule to a later lobby.
In case of a disconnect, the referee will hold the final decision for whether the map should be replayed or not.
The qualifiers mappool will only be played through once.

Bracket Stage

Teams will be given a default time decided by the timezone filled on the registration form, captains are responsible for getting in touch with DMs and rescheduling matches.
Referees will inform the players of their matches 15 minutes in advance, and will send invites 10 minutes in advance.
If three players are not present 10 minutes after the scheduled time, they will forfeit the match and the other team will advance.
Each team may pick one optional warmup under five minutes long.
After warmup, both captains will !roll to decide the pick-ban order, the options are First Pick Second Ban, and First Ban Second Pick.
Both Double Pick and Double Ban is not allowed, with the exception of NoMod.
A Bracket Reset will be implemented for the Grand Finals.

Freemod Rules

There should be at least two players with Mods in FreeMod.
There should be at least one Hard Rock and one Hidden, HDHR counts as Hard Rock.
Easy Counts as Hidden, but has a 1.75x score multiplier. (875k max)
Flashlight is allowed but not encouraged, there will be no multiplier.


There will be two Deviant Cards, their purpose is to change the outcome of the map picked.
The two cards are COMBO and ACC.
Teams may use Deviant Cards in any of their picks like this example shown :
ACC:DT1, to make DT1 use the highest average accuracy win condition.
COMBO:NM5, to make NM5 use the highest average max combo win condition.
Deviant Cards only apply in the Bracket Stage onward.
From RO32-RO16, each team will have an option to use either COMBO or ACC Deviant Cards once.
From Quarters-Grands, each team will be able to use both Deviant Cards once.

Registrations : August 12th - September 3rd 00:00 UTC+0
Qualifiers : September 17th - September 18th
Round of 32 : September 24th - September 25th
Round of 16 : October 1st - October 2nd
Quarterfinals : October 8th - October 9th
Semifinals : October 15th - October 16th
Finals : October 22nd - October 23rd
Grand Finals : October 29th - October 30th

Screening is expected to take 1-2 weeks so the times are subject to change. Please join the discord server for more information.

🥇 Winners :
APPROVED Profile Badge

Congratulations to Team la happy for winning N2VC!
Profile Banner
🥈 2nd Place :
Profile Banner
🥉 3rd Place :
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Host : Dragbit 5 🍁 Volition
Co-Host : ShadeCegLgMn
Spreadsheet : ShadeCegLgMn
GFX : Volition
Poolers : Dragbit 5 🍁 Cindergoat 🍁 Rubikson 🍁 Chadstolfo
Playtesters : pedeko 🍁 miyuo 🍁 Amasetic 🍁 F2X 🍁 Dragbit 5 🍁 Zeph2003
Referees : Dragbit 5 🍁 Cindergoat 🍁 Fuwub 🍁 Volition 🍁 Aidown 🍁 ShadeCegLgMn 🍁 Kondi 🍁 vincent4399
Commentators : -- Waffle -- 🍁 das12344321 🍁 vincent4399
Streamers : pedeko 🍁 ShadeCegLgMn
We accept staff registrations until September 3rd, please DM Nocy#7845 or volition#7005 if you want to be a part of the staff team. We are looking for Streamers and Referees.

-=-=-=-=- Tournament Report Form -=-=-=-=-
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