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So, I start up osu! and I notice that the fps is always 1-3, never more. I tried tweaking the options all over the place and nothing worked. Comp specs: 2.8GHz CPU, 1.5GB RAM, 96MB GCard. I can't figure out where the problem is, does anyone have any ideas? :cry:

Edit: Oops, I was wrong, it never gets above 1-3fps, not stays constantly at 3. <_>
I've had this problem before. Absolutely no idea what caused it, or how EXACTLY I fixed it for that matter, but I can give advise

Run all windows updates
update directx
update . NET framework
update GFX card drivers
Re-install Osu (move you songs/skins to a temporary folder so you don't lose them!)
Restart windows
Run a full system virus scan
If your system spec are low, don't play Osu! and play a different game at the same time, this can cause Osu! problems on older GFX cards, probably due to low GFX card memory
delete your osu!.<user>.cfg and try running osu! again
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