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hi (づ•◡•)づ

btw for Ichi, it's recommended to have used distance snap and stuff, but it's fine


This is mostly personal preference

00:24:570 (2,1) - the overlap doesn't look particulary nice imo
00:41:479 (1,2) - same here
01:10:933 (3,4) - lel here too

-- are these intended to look like this?

01:14:751 (4) - this slider felt weird to play
01:37:115 (5,6) - weird overlap again
01:40:933 (3,4) - you get the idea ^,^
01:46:388 (4) - another one which felt unusual to play

-- sliders op

02:10:661 (7,1) - this isn't too bad, but just decided to point it out

thats all im gonna do cuz im tired and stuff

gud luck

(∩⪰◡⪯)⊃━☆゚.* whoosh
DeRandom Otaku
ooo idk but i guess the genre of song is important to be in tags ... maybe cuz it makes it easier to search for songs while the map is not ranked
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mm seeing as someone already has put a genre in it, glitch hop might be helpful in tags
SILENCE the sliderends of the last sliders
I was shipped in here by the Haxwell Mafioso so here's your mod.

  1. Disable countdown
  2. You still need to remove the heiju.png file because it isn't used.
  3. Why does the AR jump from 3 to 8 between Ichi and Nii? Way too big of a jump...

[Hey Jude]
  1. 00:01:312 - There's a green line here that serves no purpose from what I can see.
  2. 00:26:751 (1) - This slider seems fairly unrankable. It's not quite a burai slider but it overlaps itself in such a sharp angle that it appears as one while playing. I recommend you don't have this overlap as hard because it's unneedingly difficult to read.
  3. 00:53:479 (3,4) - Just double check to make sure this is rankable, since 3 completely covers the head of 4. Also check these:
  4. 01:10:933 (3,4) -
  5. 01:02:751 (1,1,1) - Not sure why the 2nd circle has a NC on it. Also, just wanna make sure you know that the spacing is uneven.. not sure if it's intentional.
  6. 01:28:115 (4,5,1) - You could space these out a bit because the 1/6 is really hard to read. Also consider it here:
  7. 02:37:933 (5,6,1) -
  8. 01:39:933 - There's a pretty loud beep noise here that deserves to be mapped.
  9. 01:43:570 (2,1,1,2,1,1) - Check up on your rhythm here. If you're mapping to either the beeps or the percussion, you missed some stuff that could've been mapped. It just doesn't seem like this section follows the song.
  10. 01:55:115 (1,2) - Try this rhythm instead: http://i.imgur.com/KigQ1eM.png Also consider it in these as well:
    02:12:570 (4,5) -
  11. 02:03:297 (3,4) - The transition between these two sliders feels too sharp and awkward. I don't think such a sharp change in flow is fitting here, not to mention its already very hard to read because most of 4 is covered by 3.
  12. 02:04:933 (2) - NC here because of the change in slider velocity and for consistency.
  13. 02:16:933 (6) - NC because of the velocity change too?
  14. 02:21:842 - This here can follow the rhythm of 02:26:206 because it's the same sound.

Alright, so in a diff this easy, you need to keep spacing consistent. It's all over the place currently. You're gonna get shit for it not being consistent throughout from BNs and in its current state I'm worried about its rankability.
Fatfan Kolek
noobmod, you decide if it's kudosu worthy :d yee, it's short, don't know how to mod this properly

  1. 01:02:751 (6,1) - this is too stacked imo, looks a bit weird on a lower difficulty and might cause readabililty problems? :o
  2. 01:40:388 (5) - put a circle on 01:40:933 - for a better emphasis i'd say instead of a reverseslider

Mhh, standard normal diff i'd say, looked a bit boring though because of the constant 1/2 rhythm choices

  1. 00:27:842 (4) - NC with a SV here would fit
  2. 00:33:661 (4) - Ctrl+J here? looks better to me, the whole pattern in general here looks weird, i'd make it more like that http://puu.sh/pluKU/693072b6ce.jpg
  3. 00:37:661 (2) - there has to be a cooler rhythm choice than a 1/2 slider :D

  1. 01:10:934 (1) - Inconsistent NC with 00:53:479 (3) -

[Hey Jude]
  1. 00:30:842 (2,3) - I find things like this hard to read because of the long combos.
  2. 01:54:570 (5) - NC missing here?
  1. 00:02:437 - 00:02:624 - sounds early to me, especially 00:02:624 (4) - I think you might need another timing point
  2. it's still rankable, but you could try to cut out some of the unmapped outro to reduce file size. For example, you could just fade out the music after the spinner like this http://puu.sh/poZhN/5835798e59.mp3 (you would need to readjust the offset if you use this one)
  3. missing hitsounds for lower diffs nvm, i'm guessing it's still WIP since highest diff is also missing hitsounds for half the map
  4. I would swap the order of some your combo colors since the three orange ones are petty similar http://puu.sh/pp0m0/f72bd83695.jpg

[Hey Nube]
  1. might be a nice visual effect to color-hax this diff so slow or fast sliders have a certain combo color to represent them
  2. some of your 1/6 stacks have NC on the top note and others have NC on the bottom note. not sure if intentional or not. Same with San diff
  3. 00:21:024 (3,4,5) - prefer DS here or bigger spacing between 00:21:388 (5,6) - to make rhythm more clear. I see this pattern all the time in tv-size maps where everything is 1/2 rhythm, so I instantly thought that 00:21:024 (3,4,5,6,7,1) - was all 1/6 spacing here instead of a mix of 1/3 and 1/6 :roll:
  4. 01:40:115 (1,2) - would prefer slightly bigger spacing here
  5. nice

  1. 00:23:933 - maybe add a note here. There's a more distinct sound on the the beat than at other places
  2. 00:53:479 (1) - 02:03:297 (1) - 02:20:751 (1) - etc... remove NC. The vocalist is literally saying 1-2-3
  3. 01:40:388 (6) - NC. It would be nice to keep combo number in single digits imo
  4. good

  1. 00:33:479 (3) - ctrl+g so spacing between 00:33:024 (2,3) - more clear
  2. 00:38:388 (4,5) - reposition this a little so spacing between 00:38:478 (5,6) - is something like ~2.1x imo since slider leniency makes this distance feel smaller than it actually is
  3. 00:49:661 (5,1) - looks better if you auto-stack, like at 01:05:206 (8,1) - 01:07:115 (5,1) -

  1. 00:18:249 - pulling out all the stops with that custom break time
  2. 1.3DS would avoid all those touchy overlaps and make spread a little more even but then you would need to remap kappa
  3. 01:19:661 (7,8) - 02:29:479 (7,8) - try changing both to 1/2 sliders to capture more sounds? song feels kinda intense here
  4. 01:45:842 (3,4) - i'm getting triggered. move this to [238,178] for perfect square
  5. 02:18:570 (1) - 02:31:661 (1) - remove NC
  6. 02:25:115 (1,2) - swap NC
  7. 02:37:115 (1,2,3,4) - use ctrl+> man
  8. 01:00:024 (2,3) - 01:05:479 (3,4) - 02:15:297 (3,4) - 02:43:661 (1,2) - blanket better if you care
  9. yeah your higher diffs I didn't really comment on NC patterns since I didn't understand it, but here, the inconsistencies in your NC patterns are pretty obvious if you compare similar parts of song such as the two kiai sections

Flow and rhythms are pretty nice and mapset looks fairly polished already. GL~
Form my modding queue.
Better use standard diff names, I dont know if it is rankable that you using the current diff names.
00:22:933 (4,2) - Better not to overlap in easy
some notes are too far from each other. I recommend to make the distance smaller.
01:18:570 (4,5,6) - too hard for easy. recommend to replace by a reverse slider.
01:24:024 (5,6,7) - same
02:28:388 (3,4,5) - ↑
02:33:842 (5,6,7) - ↑(you can ignore this if others think this is ok)
02:33:842 (5,6,7,1) - you can blanket better bro
00:00:572 (1,1) - why there's two nc. And again, blanket
00:24:570 (2) - nice one
00:34:297 (6,8) - better not touch
00:39:842 (2) - better if overlap on 00:40:024 (3) - or it would very hard to recognize the distance between others
00:38:751 - why ignore the beats in the same place of other parts here
01:22:115 (6,1) - bettter not touch
01:37:115 (5,6) - ↑
01:42:751 (1,2,3) - why distance of these objects are different
01:53:206 (7,1) - not touch
00:37:388 (2) - better to blanket, I noticed that this slider is copied form the previous one, so try to adjust the previous one.
Actually I prefer make all the distance looks like the same, so maybe you can try it
01:00:570 (2) - move downward a little bit to blanket with 01:00:843 (3) -
the Highest diff is very good
good luck
Btw I dont like to use English to mod because usually there's some mappers dont understand what im saying
Is 2017 going to be the year all of HanzeR's 2013 maps start getting ranked? :^)
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mby loved if people throw kd at it :p

Liiraye wrote:

mby loved if people throw kd at it :p
If it ever hits high enough *priority that I have enough kds to shoot it up to 100 hit me up and I'll do it.
  1. Combo colour 2 and 3, 5 and 7 are quite approximate, I don't suggest this. http://puu.sh/uhH7k/39d592f818.png
  2. drum-hitwhistle2.wav with possible delay > 5ms
  3. The spinner of each diff, 00:02:999 (1) - Imo it should be extend to 00:04:374 -
  4. 00:06:249 (1) - And this one should be start on 00:06:312 - and end on 00:07:624 -
  1. 00:24:570 (2) - DS too far
  2. 00:46:933 (2) - ^
  3. 00:48:024 (3) - ^
  4. 01:14:206 (4) - ^
  1. 01:28:297 (5) - 02:38:115 (4) - I recommended you use circle instead of reverse slider. Since 1/12 reverse slider is quite difficult.
  1. Looks good.
[Hey Jude]
  1. 00:19:661 - Timing lines with different setting.(custom set number)
  2. 02:39:297 (5,1) - Swap NC?
Quite nice map, call me back when you are ready.
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All issues addressed!
Everything looks good
DeRandom Otaku
is it finally happening

btw why not move to pending?
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u better believe it :D
popped until you properly reply to forum mods as per the Code of Conduct

Was going to see previous responses and stuff to get a feel for what you've got going but looks like most are missing, so you should respond to those. I'll just quickly look over the easier difficulties in the meantime.

  • [General]
  1. Where did you get your metadata from?

  2. 00:01:312 (1) - This and 00:00:572 (1) - are pretty similar sounds, and are also in the same measure musically, and as such it would make sense if they were grouped together in the same combo. I realize there's an uninherited section here, but it doesn't deviate that badly. Basically remove the NC on 00:01:312 (1) - . Goes for the other difficulties as well.
  3. 00:19:661 (1,1) - Why would the combo change between these but not 00:21:842 (3,4) - ? Would probably make more sense if the NC on 00:20:751 (1) - were to be moved to 00:21:842 (3) - instead. If not, 00:22:933 (4) - would have one, but that would look a bit odd in my opinion.
  4. 01:17:479 (2,3,4) - This is quite clearly different in the song to 01:18:570 (5,6,7) - , so for contrast, I'd suggest you change this first one into a circle and slider, in consistency with 01:13:115 (2,3) - . Also happens at 02:27:297 (2,3,4) - and 02:44:751 (2,3,4) - .
  5. 01:31:661 (3,4,5,6,7,1) - I feel like this 1/2 train might be a bit much. Generally new players will find a lot of trouble in consecutive sliders like this, so changing 01:33:297 (7) - to a circle could solve this, as well as emphasizing the vocals. Same goes for 01:37:661 - .
  6. 01:46:388 - Guessing there's a missed clap here.
  7. Speaking of hitsounding, why are 01:34:388 - 01:47:479 - different, but 01:47:479 - 01:42:024 - the same? I mean using the same hitsounds for different sounds and different hitsounds for same sounds makes very little sense in regards to audible feedback. Either stick to using a pattern or stick to reflecting specific sounds with the hitsounds, right now it seems quite inconsistent. I'd think the more prominent sounds like claps would be consistent at the very least.
  8. 00:29:751 - I'd also think some whistles like 00:28:933 - would be used on the sliders ahead of it in a pattern as well, and not right after a downbeat the first time and right before the next 00:32:206 - . Well, there's some things to look into here I guess. Would really like for the hitsounds to be more consistent, within their relative sections, if possible. By consistent I mean in accordance with the song, so sounds should preferably be reflected equally throughout the same section, etc, you get the idea.
  9. 02:51:842 (7,1,2,3) - This part seems to stand out a bit much due to being different from the rest, while there's nothing in the music suggesting this. If you're trying to go for variation, implement this in some previous pattern as well so it doesn't come so suddenly. Otherwise change 02:51:297 - to a 1/1 slider, 02:52:115 - to a circle, 02:52:388 (1,2,3) - to a 1/1 slider and 02:53:479 (9) - to a circle and slider. Refer to 02:42:570 - .

  10. 00:28:933 (2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5) - Section could get quite confusing due to having multiple layers followed at the same time and switched between frequently. 00:28:661 - and 00:28:933 - are followed in the beginning, but get ignored at 00:30:024 - in exchange for the sound on 00:29:933 - , which was not followed at 00:28:842 - . Alright, so it switches. That's okay, but afterwards it switches again. Suddenly 00:31:024 - is ignored again and 00:31:115 - is prioritized. Then at 00:32:115 - , 00:32:206 - is skipped again. I sort of get what you're doing here, but in practice, especially for a Hard difficulty, it's going to be quite unexpected. I'd recommend you either only follow one layer, or only switch between measures. Look at what was done in the insane difficulty here, for instance. Much more predictable.
  11. 00:34:297 (6) - Looks a bit odd after 00:33:479 (3,4,5) - , since it still has that sound at 00:34:388 - . Don't really see the point in having things differ like that without any cues for it.
  12. 00:38:751 - Skipping a sound this prominent is probably not a good idea. May be that players mistake it for being 00:38:933 - or similar, thus hurting the gameplay experience. Even just adding a circle here would make it much better in terms of rhythm. This applies to 00:43:115 - , 00:47:479 - , 00:51:842 - and so on as well, so make sure to check over this thoroughly.
  13. 00:46:388 (2,3) - Very slight overlap going on here.
  14. 01:11:479 (1) - This combo color has not appeared in Ichi, nor does it even have them. Ichi and San have the same color sets, but Hey Jude and Nii doesn't... hmmm. For the sake of consistency throughout the mapset you could try mashing them all together into one color set and then using the colorhaxing stuff for all difficulties.

  15. 00:28:388 (1,2,3,4,1,2) - Not quite sure what you're going for with these combos, but I'd think having this whole back and forth section the same combo would make more sense, right?
  16. Also speaking of that section, I still have no clue what you're doing with your hitsounds lol. Finishes look really randomly placed, may catch people off-guard and make it seem like they missed some note or clicked too early or something. Not really preferable.

  17. Going to wait until I can see the responses to mods before modding further.

Might want to recheck your hitsounding to make sure it's all consistent and makes sense with the song. From what I can see, it looks quite inconsistent as it is, and loses a lot of relevance to the song like this. Would like to hear what the idea behind it is as well, so I can cater my suggestions towards improving that concept. I'm guessing kiai and non-kiai is how the hitsound collab was arranged?

I'll return to see how things have been going and potentially help out with hitsounding and stuff later, after mods have gotten their replies.

@Kencho let's wait with rebubbling this until then
the post goldenwolf is linking above actually does contain feedback it's just hidden in transparent-colored text
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