Hello, Hajimemashite~ :3

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Hello, Hajimemashite :3

Let me introduce myself:
(First, sorry for my bad english)
Ingame my name is therealhashtag, some people know my reallife name maybe, but it will keep a secret in the forum :P
I am still young and male :3
and i am vietnamese (can not even speak the language really o.o) and i'm living in germany, where i was born ~^-^~.
and i like Animes and Music(Vocaloid,Nightcore,German-Rap(Metrickz) )

I found out about this game when i was searching something on youtube(a year earlier i think)
Then i thought: Hmm, this is interesting and some other game-style :O
So i downloaded and installed osu! !
It's making fun

I think that's enough writing, i need to go in some minutes haha :D Im in a hurry ~^-^~

See you in the game or in the forum or i dont know where,it doesnt matter! :3

I have an Youtube channel, Skype, TS, Facebook and all that stuff. You can communicate with me on yt i think :p

The Games i really play at the moment are osu! sometimes and LoL
~~~~~You can see me on YT: ... ~(needless stuff, boring)
I deleted my old channel and i won't tell the name on the old channel ^-^
Welcome to osu!~ :D

Have Fun here And don't forget to read deadbeat's introduction thread to the forums firstly If You need help about navigating the osu!forums... :)
Welcome to osu community~
Have fun with the game and the forum :)
Welcome to osu~

have fun here ..</
Hajimemashpotato to you too~
Hey there, and welcome to osu! Glad to see you are having fun! ^^
Hello there hashtag and welcome to osu! and the community!!!
I hope you enjoy your stay here :) Feel free to give me a shout ingame if you have any questions.
welcome to osu! forum community, hope you can adapted in here :p
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