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Continuing Soaprman's idea:

All ranked mods and their possible qualities they add to the image:
EASY - green hue
NOFAIL - cross picture behind/above
HALFTIME - hourglass behind/above
HARDROCK - red hue
SUDDENDEATH - bomb behind/above
PERFECT - crosshair ontop
DOUBLETIME - multiple images with increasing transparency (calculated with osu!) or just 2x picture above
NIGHTCORE - some anime image behind the letter. maybe Pippi
FLASHLIGHT - dark layer ontop
optional SPUNOUT - spinner picture behind
HIDDEN - uses "ranking-letter-HD.png" picture instead




How it looks in-game

HR+HD and HR scores:

HD score and S no-mod

I am not very cool at colouring so excuse me, but you get the idea

Also I haven't tried adding images below ranking letters because I suck at gimp, maybe someone will do that for me :<
But the most extreme combination I can think of is HR+HD+NC+PF+SO+FL
It is done with:
HR red hue
HD ranking-letter-HD.png
images below: NC pippy
images above: PF crosshair, SO spinner, FL dark area

And I don't think it will look too cluttered~

UPD: Oh it also works for all other letters: SS, A, B, C, D
Nice Idea :D
I think the S/SS tints should be based on the multiplier they give.
Normal: no mod
Tint 1 (1.06x): HR, HD
Tint 2 (1.12x): DT, FL, HR+HD
Tint 3 (1.19x): DT+HD, DT+HR, FL+HD, FL+HR
Tint 4 (1.25x): DT+FL, DT+HR+HD, FL+HR+HD
Tint 5 (1.33x): DT+FL+HD, DT+FL+HR
Tint 6 (1.41x): DT+FL+HR+HD

They don't even have to be separate images, they can be colored like objects are during gameplay. They could be a gradient between 2 colors, but not gold and silver since they're too close. This would be very simple to implement - two images are required, one for no mod and one for tint 6. Displaying tint 3 would be alpha-blending 50% of the first and 50% of the second image.
The advantage of this method is that the leaderboards would be nicely arranged in a gradient, and it would be simple to tell what mods you need to use to compete with others.

I think this is a wonderful idea. It would encourage players to make unique records (like FL+ HR). It would also help differentiate scoreboard plays: for example, HD+HR and HD plays are very different yet they possess the same S color. Likewise, DT+HD and FL+HD are very different yet have the same color.

Because of the reason stated above, I don't think the colors should be based on mod score multipliers.

Instead, as people stated before, it could be as simple as having HD be light blue, FL be darker blue, HR be orange and DT be red. The combination of those mods would simply yield the combination of those colors; for example, HR + HD would yield light pink (I think). Easy mod would yield a special Green S.

Also, skinning needs to be accounted for.

El SolarBeam
it doesn't really affect the gameplay but.. it will make the rank panel be more colorful

yo support owo)/
The idea here is that a DT+HD run is generally much different than a HR-HD run on insane difficulties, yet both give the same silver S color. I wouldn't be surprised if several high level players would prefer their DT+HD scores to show up as gold instead of silver, as a way to differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd. Unique scores are unique because they are hard to achieve, so why not have some reward for achieving such scores other than just more points? Why not have each mod combination have its own color/tint?

I think a lot of ideas have been discussed already. What this thread needs (aside from more stars) is some more input from peppy on what he is willing to do and what is possible to do with the game coding.
People actually care about letter ranks?

All the details about the score are right there anyways, I don't see how this would encourage anything.

I'm not against the idea, I quite frankly don't care, but a lot of the arguments for are super silly. This wont encourage anything and neither does it as of now discourage getting unique scores.
I supported this idea before because you'd have to hover over to see what mods someone used.

Now it's shown on the scoreboard so this isn't really needed(arguable).

boat wrote:

I quite frankly don't care
It's faster to scan the leaderboard for colors than letters, it's simply convenience. Why not make the game clearer?
Another star because why not~
A different color for each mod would be too much (especially with mod combinations), but an additional color for HR/DT and one for a combination of HR/DT+HD/FL would be nice I guess. I sort my beatmap list by rank and it can be quite annoying to have to select each map individually just to check if my S/SS is nomod or HR/DT.
I see it as a reward for the efforts some top players undertake to get a unique score in a map. Take this example: What if Cookiezi (or someone else... like certain German cheater) full combo's Mendes with DT+HD with high accuracy? He would certainly not get first place, and his score would be hard to see among the other FL+HD scores. When looking at the leaderboards theres no difference between the scores at first glance. It is until you read the mods that you realize someone has actually DT'd the map.

If you have colored S's for different mod combinations, you would know at first glance the difference between the FL+HD runs and the DT+HD run(s). Back in August (or whatever month it was) Tom69's hacked score of Mendes would have showed up as a red S among a bunch of blue S's. When you consider the fact that Mendes is much harder on DT than on FL you understand why unique scores should get the extra attention. The same effect would happen on maps where FL is harder than DT, with the unique FL score standing among the crowd.

I mean, seriously, when you undertake the effort to get a unique record on a map, one of the primary reasons you do for is for visibility. "Look, my play is the only DT+HD run of the entire leaderboard!" This is the same reason why the SS rank got introduced in the first place, so why not take things further?

Purple wrote:

so why not take things further?
Because it's already listed in detail just a tiny bit further to the right.

My two cents on this is that the client is already bloated with ugly things that I can't change or get rid of, and that anybody who actually cares about others scores on the leaderboard actually looks at the details rather than the letter rank.

A lot of work for very little, if at all any benefit. The scores in question are perfectly noticeable even as it is of now.

I already skinned every single one of them to get rid of the ugly bloat, yet despite using these I can with ease distinguish the innovative scores from the majority, because this is no harder to read than that

The text really isn't hard to read and it shows all info on scores rather than colored S ranks. If S ranks were all different colors depending on rank combination, it would definitely confuse me more.

It would definitely be more clustered and confusing with different S colors.

Two letters [each mod] is not hard whatsoever to read, I feel it's easier than having to identify combinations with different colors.

boat wrote:

this is no harder to read than that
It doesn't need to be taken further.
Well, this isn't really just about finding scores in the ranking lists (at least for me it isn't).
I'd like it because i can't easily tell which of these scores are HR and which nomod without selecting the maps one by one:
It's not about finding scores. As my post stated, it's about additional visibility given to players who work hard for a unique score. After all, the competitive aspect of the game is all about building up a reputation. Unless you want to argue that it's about PP, in which case well... god help you.

Following the logic I'm reading here, we might as well remove the SS rank as people can clearly read the 100% text. Also, we might as well roll back the avatar-on-leaderboards update because the text is sufficient. Remove the GUI - text is sufficient.

Saying the leaderboards would be clustered with all sorts of different colors would only make sense if the leaderboards were clustered with all sorts of different mod combinations in different orders, which is very rarely the case.
something special for DT/HR would be great

she wrote:

something special for DT/HR would be great

BRBP wrote:

she wrote:

something special for DT/HR would be great
It's great to be able to find DT+HR plays at first glance between all the DT+HD plays. DT+HR usually means ar10.86 or higher which is fun and impressive to watch.
Seems pretty pointless since now you can see HR/DT next to the score anyway. Visibility reducing mods have a special color, other's dont, and to me it makes sense. Not that I have anything against this, I just don't find it necessary or useful.
That's true, there's no need for it with the new filter things, still would be very pretty tho
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