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First, I want to clarify one thing. I'm a 2k13 kinda style modder. If your map has literally no spacing, is overmapped or the beatmap doesn't follow the song, it's more likely I'll ignore it. It might be that I mod a few of your difficulties. If one doesn't meet my modding standards, I'll only give it a brief overlook.

The purpose of this queue is to support other languages and music genres other than japanese songs! There are so many on osu!.
Temporarily changing this to themed rounds.

Since this Queue gets a lot of requests and each map taking a lot time for me to mod, I'd like you to visit my M4M Queue as well. I'll prioritise any upcoming M4Ms, as it also helps me improve my map. Furthermore, my mods are really time consuming since I try to look at every aspect in your mapset, which makes the waiting even longer. Thanks for your patience!

ALWAYS OPEN unless I change the Queue title to closed!


  1. Pending only
  2. No japanese Follow the theme
  3. No Taiko/CtB/osu!mania
  4. No songs longer than 4 minutes
  5. No longer accepting maps for approval
  6. No longer modding anything above Insane
  7. If you can't accept criticism, don't post here and waste my time. I'm trying to show you flaws, errors and make suggestions that I personally found to help YOU to improve your map.
  8. NEW: Your song must follow the theme of the round. Read my last post to find out the theme.
  9. NEW: Write the following word below to show me that you read the rules: BouncyBaby
  10. NEW: Use the following template for posting your map (Replace Y with your map link,X with your map name and Z with the posted map number)
    [list][*]Post Number: #Z
    [*]Link to my beatmap: [url=Y]X[/url]
    [*]Number of difficulties:
    [*]Song length:

It will look like this if done correctly:
  1. Post Number: #53
  2. Link to my beatmap: Kiiara - Feels (Jai Wolf Remix)
  3. Number of difficulties: 3
  4. Song length: 2:20 (2:05 drain)
  5. BPM: 135

Notable Information

  • Song and map related:

  1. No songs with higher BPM than 180.
  2. No DUBSTEP. I dislike and can't mod this kind of music, sorry.
  3. I prefer English EDM and English Pop.
  4. If your map has too many difficulties, it's likely I'll not mod them all or don't choose your map.
  5. If I think your map needs more work but has potential for my mod, I'll add it to the "Maps I might mod" box.

  6. Always give me your feedback (on my mod post), otherwise it'll be more likely I WON'T chose your map next time you post.
I won't have time to check ALL of the posted maps so I'll only pick as many as I have time for. Don't get mad if I don't pick your map please!NEW: If your map is in the "Maps I chose to mod in the following days" box for longer than a week, I'll move it one box lower. This may be because I have other stuff to do that have priority, lack of time or because I think your map needs more mods, thus it would take me too long to finish a mod for you.You can post more than ONE map but the limit is THREE maps per post! (Nonetheless, I will only choose one)You can also post other people's maps if you think they are good.I won't mod your maps in chronological order. It all depends on how much time I have to mod, how much modding your map needs, in my opinion, your song length and amount of difficulties in the mapset. Please don't be discouraged if my mod won't come immediately.
Please include the code below in your mod reply and use the free space to give me additional feedback about my mod. (How you liked it, your thoughts about my mod, what I could do better, what I could include or exclude, anything that I should look into with more detail ... ). It will help me to improve my future mods. Any constructive feedback is appreciated. Thanks :)
[u]Additional Feedback[/u]

[img]https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/images/icons/misc/heart.gif[/img] [color=#00BF00]What I liked:[/color]
[img]https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/images/icons/misc/heartpop.gif[/img] [color=#FF0000]What I disliked:[/color]
[img]https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/images/icons/misc/thinking.gif[/img] What you could improve:

About my mods

Each point from the list below will have a check mark next to it (✓/ ✕/ ✫). This will tell you whether I checked that point or not.
✓= I checked this point and everything is okay.
✕= I didn't check this point because I think it doesn't need checking.
✫= I checked this point but something needs fixing (explained in the mod)

osu!wiki Modding page
osu!wiki Ranking Criteria page
NEW: BNG Rules & Information

📖 General 📖
✓/ ✕ / ✫ Mapset difficulty spread (Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane)
> SR and gameplay gap between difficulties
> Difficulty settings if noticeably wrong chosen
> Difficulty level naming

✓/ ✕ / ✫ Map design
> Background (Does the image relate to the song?)
> Combo colours (Do they match the BG?)
> Skin (missing elements and resolution checks)
> SB (if available - osb. files, SB load, coding, epilepsy warning if flashy) or video (NSFW?)

✓/ ✕ / ✫ Metadata & Beatmap folder
> Resolution of images (1024x768 / 800x600 pixels for 4:3, 1366x768 / 852x480 pixels for 16:9)
> Preview point
> mp3 (length must be min 30 sec drain time, bit rate, quality)
> Hitsounds (wav. format, length min. 100ms, quality,...)
> Multiple files (osb., hitsounds, images,...)
> Source of the song (unless it's a song I can't find anything about)
> Tags

🕗 Timing 🕗
✓/ ✕ / ✫ KIAI time and breaks
✓/ ✕ / ✫ Timing changes
✓/ ✕ / ✫ BPM & Offset

🎧 Sound 🎧
✓/ ✕ / ✫ Hitsounds (Do they match the song?)
✓/ ✕ / ✫ Hitsound patterns
✓/ ✕ / ✫ Hitsound volume (Timing points)
✓/ ✕ / ✫ Rhythm of hit objects (Do they match the song?)

🖰 Object Gameplay 🖰
✓/ ✕ / ✫ Reasonable spacing and patterns, spacing inconsistencies, Jumps, Anti-Jumps, special patterns
✓/ ✕ / ✫ Flow and transition
✓/ ✕ / ✫ Overmapping, SV changes
✓/ ✕ / ✫ Other Issues
> Interface overlaps,
> Hidden objects that are hard to read due to coverage (overlaps)
> Stacking
> Unsnapped objects
> Spinner (4 beats - Easy, 2 beats - Normal)

👀 Visual Gameplay 👀
✓/ ✕ / ✫ Combo patterns, new combos for special cases (SV change, jumps that are hard to read)
✓/ ✕ / ✫ Readability of objects
✓/ ✕ / ✫ Blankets, symmetry
✓/ ✕ / ✫ Variety of patterns


Old requests
Total: 43
Xin_U, pife1, AlexaBM, mancuso_JM_, Jemmmmy, Tidek, Asgard, Sieg, Aka, GrayKaiser82, [Luanny], Sikei-, DarkVortex, K1dPoker, Rakuen, P o M u T a, Sonnyc, AlpacaCokelat, HelloSCV, Kurokami, ErunamoJAZZ, Azmato, Xanandra, Aldwych, jtd1, Niko-nyan, Helios_Zul, popner, DexFrild, sheela901, silverboxer, Hinsvar, 384059043, Sakuya Yukari, Negri_sk, Tidek, Kyshiro, Asphyxia, fergas, Juilka Orange, VeeLaHee104, mancuso_JM_, Damori

New requests since 21-08-2016
Total: 21
Yousei Teikoku - Deep Sea by CookieKivi
Alan Walker - Faded by HootOwlStar
Domino Brothers - Just 4 You (Radio Edit) (Nightcore Mix) by MkGuh (Voli's Insane only)
Gareth Coker - The Spirit Tree by Phyloukz
Blinch - Main Theme by paydayzcool
Raujika - Lost Imagination by ByBy
Strange Talk - Young hearts by HydroCannon13 / Requested from DTM9 Nowa
Justin Bieber - Company by Lilyanna
Hot Date! & Chrisson - Overcome (This Time) by Asonate
David Wise - Battletoads theme by Maelsttrom
Will Smith - Fresh Prince of Bel-Air by Rizen
bradbreeck - Let me Out by Chalwa
Madcon - Beggin' by Mako Sakata
Fred V & Grafix - Ignite (feat. Amy J Pryce) by Plaudible
Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On (Feat. MO) by W h i t e
Cartoon - Whatever I Do (feat. Kostja) by Nhawak
Yuzo Koshiro - Attack the Barbarian by Ora
Shota Kageyama - Bike by mancuso_JM_
KsTBeats - Rising III by Phyloukz
The Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar by MoodyRPG
TSUNKU - Built to Scale by CookieBite
Total: 0
Instrumental music~ :)
Ost (Original Sound track)
Thank you
hi~ i agree.. too much japanese :(
thank you!
Nice Queue ^_^
Taylor Swift - Fifteen
You know.. English song xD.
Thanks in Advance!
0.0..ye..the ratio of japanese song is too high
an instrumental music
Atleast no spam Oo

ohai https://osu.ppy.sh/s/105596 pls @_@)/
Good luck with this queue ~

Thanks! :D
Hi BB :3


Instrumental ~

Thanks ~
Heya o/

this is my map: http://osu.ppy.sh/s/99653 (Instrumental)

Hope you enjoy and thanks in advance^^

My map: Zeng Pei Ci - Enough Love

Chinese song~

Hope you'll like it

Thanks ^_^
I am japanese... but, Instrumental song :D
http://osu.ppy.sh/s/13641 Old submitted Kpop lol

Thanks in advice :3

edit: mind changing the map to http://osu.ppy.sh/s/124614 ?? Sorry if not allowed ;w
hi there~ instrumental here https://osu.ppy.sh/s/111738


Hope you like instrumental~

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